10 Best Golf Watches and Wearables


if you are determined to improve your game, track your progress and boost your confidence withthe latest feature loaded innovation, GPS golf watches can prove to be your true companion.

These comfortable gadgets use satellite to determine your precise location and automatically
point the course, distance, water hazards to smoothly make your way upto the 19 th hole.

Some of these gadgets are also equipped with color touchscreen, hole by hole previews, swing training and metrics. They can be worn day long and also double up as a regular watch to tell time.

Some features that you should look for before buying a GPS golf watch are-

  •  Design and comfort
  •  Battery Life
  •  Accuracy
  •  User-friendliness
  •  Features like odometer
  •  Pre-loaded courses
  •  Price

Take a look at some of the best GPS Golf watches that are changing the way we play game.

1. Garmin Approach S6

Considered to be the best GPS golf watch, Garmin Approach S6 is feature rich with
innovative and slim, lightweight design that also doubles up as an everyday watch. It is
packed with first of its kind swing metrics, touchscreen and longer battery life.

  •  High-resolution, colored, touchscreen with sunlight readability
  •  Rugged with 5 ATM water resistance.
  •  Smart notifications so that you don’t miss text, email or alerts from your smart
  •  Swing metrics to train your swing
  •  More than 38,000 courses worldwide with free course updates and full color maps.
  •  Offers essential yardages to the front, back and middle of the green along with an
    overhead map of the next hole.
  •  Bluetooth enabled that syncs wirelessly
  •  Garmin Connect compatible
  •  Advanced features like Swing training, touch targeting, PinPointer blind shot
    assistance, club selection and Truswing compatibility improve your game precision
  •  Battery life of upto 14 weeks in watch mode and 10 weeks in GPS mode
  •  Price – USD 350


2. Garmin Approach S20

Designed for everyday, Garmin Approach S20 offers basic functions with daily activity
tracking, built-in odometer and smart notifications. It packs new features like AutoShot that
aims to capture the distance and location of each shot. Available at an affordable price of

under $200, it is an entry level watch with comfortable design. When compared to Approach
S6, it lacks the color-touchscreen, swing metrics like SwingStrength and SwingTempo and
other advanced features like PinPointer and Handicap scoring.

But the price and essentialfeatures required for a beginner to intermediate level golfer, makes it a much sought after watch.

  •  High-resolution, sunlight readable screen with button menu
  •  Durable with 5 ATM water resistance.
  •  Smart notifications to receive text, email or alerts right on your watch from your
  •  Garmin TruSwing to improve swing consistency
  •  Preloaded with 40,000 courses worldwide and free course updates
  •  Offers essential measures like shot distances, dogleg distances, course targets with
    digital scorecard and digital scorecard
  •  Garmin Connect compatible
  •  Advanced feature AutoShot round analyzer
  •  Battery life of upto 15 hours GPS mode and 8 weeks in normal activity tracking mode
  •  Price – USD 200

3. TomTom Golfer

A stylish and funky looking watch from TomTom this GPS golf watch lets you know every
inch of your golf course, calculate distances and view hazards. It is a simple, monochrome
yet functional watch which is easy to use with essential features, making it ideal for
beginners to intermediate level players.

  •  Slim, lightweight with comfortable waterproof design
  •  Features like latest course data, calculates distance, measure distance to hazard,
    doglegs and layups with a digital scorecard
  •  Battery life of upto 10 hours GPS mode
  •  Price – USD 250


4. Bushnell Neo XS

A very affordable yet professional golf watch that provides basic features that a beginner
needs to improve the game and play intelligently. However, unlike TomTom Golfer it lacks a
digital scorecard or mobile pairing making it a very basic watch.

  •  Comfortable and thin design
  •  Preloaded with 33,000 courses
  •  Provides yardages for up to four hazards per hole, along with distance to layups and
  •  Alarm, stopwatch, timer, odometer
  •  Auto hole advance and auto course detection
  •  Battery life of upto 12 hours GPS mode
  •  Price – USD 179

5. GolfBuddy VS4

If you are looking for a simple but accurate and functional golf watch, then look no further. An
easy button click will tell you the distance to the green.

  •  Lightweight, detachable unit with water resistance
  •  Preloaded with 36,000+ worldwide courses
  •  Full targets and hazards info
  •  Dynamic green view with pin placement features
  •  Automatic course and hole recognition
  •  Digital scorecard
  •  Battery life of upto 10 hours GPS mode
  •  Price – USD 129

6. Garmin Approach S4

It is a simple watch that aids in improving the game with better model and features than its
predecessor Approach S3. In comparison, Approach S4 includes high-resolution, sunlight
readable touchscreen as well as detailed stat tracking for improved analysis.

  •  High resolution touchscreen with buttons to indicate the true shape of the green
  •  Rugged and waterproof up to 10 m.
  •  Key features include precise yardage, course odometer and digital scorecard
  •  TruSwing compatible with stat tracking and green view manual pin positioning
  •  Preloaded with updated 30,000 worldwide courses
  •  Provides accurate yardage to greens along with dogleg and layup distance
  •  Smart notifications keep you connected right on the watch screen even when on the
  •  Garmin Connect compatible
  •  Battery life of upto 10 hours in GPS mode and 6 weeks in watch mode.
  •  Price – USD 185

7. Garmin Approach S5

As the name suggests its holds its position between S4 and S5. While it has smart
notifications, touchscreen and stat tracking like the S4, it does not provide color maps,
swing metrics or PinPointer. It is slightly expensive but is pcked with features and
designed keeping in mind comfort.

  •  High resolution touchscreen with buttons to indicate the true shape of the green
  •  Rugged and waterproof up to 10 m.
  •  Key features include precise yardage, course odometer and digital scorecard
  •  Preloaded with updated 38,000 worldwide courses
  •  Provides accurate yardage to greens along with dogleg and layup distance with the
    flexibility of customizing yardage points.
  •  Stat tracking, score tracking with shot distance measurement
  •  Smart notifications keep you connected right on the watch screen even when on the
  •  Rugged and water resistance up to 50m.
  •  Battery life of upto 12 hours in GPS mode and 12 weeks in watch mode.
  •  Price – USD 300

8. SkyGolf SkyCaddie

If you are training to be a pro at Golf and looking for a golf watch without breaking the bank,
SkyCaddie is the answer to your prayers. It is one of the most reliable GPS watch which
measures distances as well packs other important features in a very affordable design.

  •  Comfy, rugged and waterproof design with easy to read screen
  •  Preloaded with 30,000 updateable and accurate worldwide courses
  •  Built-in stopwatch with digital score board, and high precision shot distances.
  •  Tracks movement
  •  Battery life of upto 10 hours GPS mode and a year in clock mode
  •  Price – USD 99

9. Game Golf LIVE

Game Golf is a wearable gadget that is high precision and insightful to help you train better
and join the fan base that include Barack Obama. It does not have a screen or belt like any
other above mentioned watches, but consists of wearable sensors and series of sensors
mounted on top of your club. It utilizes GPS and NFC tags to track your every shot and
analyze it later on computer, thus helping you improve your game.

  •  Realtime shot tracking
  •  Review your stats and benchmark them against others to point out your strength and
  •  Connects to smartphone app
  •  Share with your friends and compete with them virtually
  •  Price – USD 299

10. Bushnell Neo+ Odometer

Bushnell Neo+ is one of the smallest and basic gold GPS models. It is often compared in
features with Garmin Approach S1. It comes ready to be used in the box and quite user
friendly for anyone who is learning the game. It is also one of the cheapest device that comes
geared with basic features. However, its not always very accurate and requires you to register
using a connection with computer.

  •  User-friendly, lightweight and comfortable design
  •  Preloaded with 24,500 worldwide courses
  •  Watch features include Short distance calculator, odometer, auto hole advance,
    preloaded hazards, distance to the back, front and center of the green
  •  Battery life of upto 10 hours GPS mode and a year in clock mode
  •  Price – USD 99
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