7 Best Tactical Gloves For Police, Shooting & Tactical Situation [Updated Reviews]

If you are involved in either a tactical situation, hunting, shooting or trekking, tactical gloves can offer better protection and grip to your hands. Today tactical gloves are not only being used by police, professionals and armed forces but also by casual users for reducing the chances of injury and improved performance.

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Based on different conditions and requirements like mountain climbing or maintenance repair, your choice of tactical gloves might vary. If you are hunting, you need comfortable gloves that offer grip, camouflage and precision. While, if you need motorbike riding gloves, you will look for durability, comfort, with shock absorbing feature.

However, you do not always want to invest in a different glove for every requirement.

While there is no one model that fits all, there are multi-purpose gloves with standard specifications that offers versatility and comfort.

When buying tactical gloves look for something that offers excellent fit and flexibility. Your gloves should be comfortable, breathable and protect your hands well. Try to find something that has great gripping power, is abrasion resistant and ofcourse washable. You should not have to break your bank to pay for good pair of gloves. Brands like Mechanix are reasonably priced with great feature set.

7 Best Tactical Gloves For Police, Shooting & Tactical Situation

After reviewing all the top tactical gloves available in the market today, we choose the following based on customer reviews, features, specifications and their pros and cons. Hope one of these will be the right for your needs.

1. FREETOO Tactical Gloves Military Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Gloves for Men

The FREETOO gloves are the most well reviewed tactical gloves on Amazon and for a good reason. These heavy duty gloves fit snuggly, are comfortable, breathable and flexible. They are quite rugged with reinforced parts, padding, double stitching meant to protect against abrasion and injuries.


  • Strong construction with reinforced palm, knuckle padding, double stitching and strong Velcro
  • Breathable vent design with soft fabric
  • Knuckle padding protection
  • Flexible spandex material used with adjustable wrists
  • Fit for multisports
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some sizing issue
  • Velcro wears off after repetitive use

2. Mechanix Wear – Original Covert Tactical Gloves (Medium, Black)

#1 Bestseller on retail websites like Amazon, these tactical gloves from the house of Mechanix, offer excellent fit with superior flexibility. The seamless palm design, with just the right palm thickness, allows you to reach your maximum mobility.


  • Form-fitting TrekDry material used allows your hands to breath, keep them cool and comfortable
  • Seamless single layer palm improves fit and dexterity of your movements.
  • Microfiber improves durability
  • Web loops beneath the wrists allows easy storage along with other gears
  • Machine washable
  • Affordable price


  • Not waterproof

3. Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove

Hatch’s all weather gloves are aimed for hand gun users because of their excellent grip and all weather use. Synthetic leather along with grip patched provide superior grip.


  • Synthetic leather material used in the palm area, so that your palm movements and
  • dexterity is not affected along with providing great feel
  • Grip patches in palm and fingertips
  • Neoprene construction for comfort and warmth
  • Ideal for handgun users and paintballers
  • Reasonably priced


  • Sizing runs a little smaller
  • Although they are touted to be all-weather gloves, they are not the best option for warmer conditions, as they might make your hands too warm and sweaty

4. Mechanix Wear – MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves

These impressive Mechanix gloves are made with high quality rubber, providing durability. They are great to reduce impact and abrasion injuries when you are in the field. Camouflage design with knuckle guards and double reinforcements offer greater protection.


  • Palm padding to absorb impact and vibration
  • Form-fitting TrekDry with camouflage design helps hands breathe and comfortable
  • Knuckle guard and finger protection
  • Dual layer reinforcements to improve life to the gloves
  • Comfortable TPR wrist closure for protection and flexibility
  • Machine washable
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for military, law enforcement officers, shooting, hunting and maintenance repair personnel


  • Not the best fit, some reviewers complaint about the finger padding making it too tight and some about being too loose

5. Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact Coyote

These are another great tactical gloves from Mechanix, designed to be used by military and special forces in desert environment. The coyote color of the gloves perfectly matches with Desert Camo BDU colors. They are comfortable, protect against impact and flexible.


  • Knuckle, finger guards and palm padding to protect against impact
  • Reinforced fingertips for durability and protection
  • TrekDry material easily keeps hands cool and comfortable.
  • Synthetic leather material used in the palm does not affect hand movements and dexterity
  • Nylon web loop for convenient storage
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for military, special forces and maintenance repair workers


  • Slightly expensive

6. TitanOPS Full Finger and Half Finger Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Army Shooting Outdoor Gloves

The TitanOPS are popular gloves for their efficiency in providing protection, comfort and warmth. They are built for comfort, durability and safety in mind. Reinforced palm and full finger hard knuckle prevents cuts and injuries. You can choose between full finger and half finger hard knuckle design.


  • Protects hands, knuckles and prevents injuries, and reduces impact
  • Reinforced padded palm and adjustable wrist strap offers greater flexibility and grip
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Microfiber along with leather provides warmth and breathability with fit that allows for dexterity.
  • Great for hunting, tactical training, outdoors, riding, cycling, airsoft, combat, hiking.
    Machine washable, bacterial resistant and odor-free
  • Ideal for motorcycle, military, tactical combat training, army and shooting
  • Affordable pricing


  • Velcro wristband is not big enough

7. Vbiger Military Tactical Gloves Half Finger Fingerless Gloves Airsoft Cycling Motorcycle Gloves

The Vbiger gloves are versatile gloves meant for everyday use as well as tactical purposes that functions as anti-skip, anti-thorn, anti-static and keeps warm. The design provides excellent fit and are comfortable, durable and breathable. They offer great value for the price and is one of the reasons for its great customer reviews.


  • Low profile loop allows easy taking on and off and attaching to other gears
  • Superior quality material provides performance and durability
  • The back of the gloves is designed to provide comfort and protection
  • Liner in palm and fingers and joints offer wear resistance and protection
  • Microfiber fabric is anti-skipping and dries easily
  • Double layer back provides optimal fit and comfort
  • Available in two designs, full finger and fingerless
  • Machine washable
  • Great for shooting, trekking, riding as well as everyday use
  • Very cheap pricing


  • Sizing runs smaller


Hope this guide has helped you in understanding how important tactical gloves are, when you are exposed to the elements or in tactical situation, and a small difference can have big impact.

List down your requirements and conditions to find the right glove for you, from one of these top tactical gloves. We personally like the FREETOO tactical gloves for their versatility, comfort and protection.