7 Best Ways to Avoid Auto Theft


Vehicle theft figure has gone down in the US in the last 2 decades; however it still hasn’t settled down to a negligible number.

According to FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports 2015, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States every 45 seconds. More than half a million vehicles were reportedly stolen in 2015, which is too big a number to ignore.

While we do realize that these numbers are disturbing but little we do to avoid car theft. Let’s take a look at some simple tips which require nothing more than an active vigilance on your part.

  1. Don’t Leave the Spare Keys Behind

Although it’s wise to carry a spare set of keys but leaving them behind in the car isn’t a safe practice.

Often, we give our cars for washing and cleaning or even hire an everyday aid for cleaning. They can easily take the key impression, making it simpler for them to get a duplicate copy done.

  1. Double Check before Parking

A vehicle with an unlocked door or an open window is an easy target any day.  Always ensure that you close all the windows and the sunroof. No matter even if you park your car in your garage.

If it is a public parking, double check before you leave.

Locking the vehicle doors while driving is as important as ensuring it locked at the parking. Your car isn’t expensive than your life. Isn’t it?

  1. Don’t Forget to Leave Valuables in the Car

Leaving valuable items such as iPads, wallets and cell phones behind is extremely risky. Refrain from doing it if possible. Bags and cases are always inviting and pose danger to item theft along with car damage.

It takes only a few minutes for a seasoned thief to smash your car window and run away with your Mac.

Ideally, you should take these items with you but if you can’t, make sure that you do not leave them in plain sight.

  1. Be Aware of the Potential Target

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that ‘Honda Accord’ was the most stolen passenger vehicle in 2016. Whether it’s due to its high resale value or a weak security system, it’s the top choice of any car burglar.

White and lighter shade cars are always more in demand. Second buyers don’t mind paying an additional penny for it.

Understanding the data associated with the makes and models of the cars that are stolen or broken into the most, can help you better prepare to withstand the rorting attempts made by car thieves.

  1. Never Leave your Car Running

In most states, Its not only illegal to leave your car unattended with the ignition ON but this is an open invitation to auto thieves who only need a few seconds to get into the car and drive away with it.

If you’re behind the wheel, then turn off your car engine and take the keys off.

  1. Park intelligently

Always garage your vehicle if you have access to one and lock the garage door securely. Maintenance of garage doors should be a priority from security perspective. However, when parking outside, always try and park your car in an attended parking lot.

Avoid parking your car in overly-shaded areas, or close to bushes. Try to park in well-lit and high traffic areas.

  1. Use an anti-theft device

Car thieves are reluctant to steal cars with alarms or anti-theft devices because they attract a lot of attention when they go off. Physical anti-theft devices like vehicle immobilizer systems that prevent thieves from hotwiring your car, are well worth the investment.

These are some easy preventative measures that go a long way in discouraging car thieves.

Take a look at the current auto theft scene in the US via this wonderful infographic. If not still, then these facts are sure to make you wary of car theft.