Basics of The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet


Basics of The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet: Does It Really Work?

By Antony Lee

The grapefruit diet was a very popular diet in the 1980s. In fact, the origin of this diet can be dated back from 1930. Most experts said that this diet is not an effective one since it will be quite impossible to lose weight with the large consumption of grapefruit. Yet there are some new discoveries about this diet and we may need to think of it again in a new way.

If you take this dieting planning, you will need to eat grapefruit whenever you can.

You will also need to drink some grapefruit juice when you are having your meal. Of course the grapefruit juice has to be unsweetened. If you drink cocktails, you should add grapefruit to it. You will even need to add grapefruit to the salads you eat!

In fact, the basic idea behind such diet is that grapefruit is fat-free. Besides, it has only few calories. As a result, when you eat more grapefruit, you will probably feel fuller and at the same time you will not be able to take a lot of calories. And you will lose weight since the calorie intake is so small.

According to a recent study, grapefruit diet can help to lose weight. The finding from this study is in fact opposite to the belief of the experts in the 1980s.

When you are on diet, you may need to change your habit of eating.

For example, you will need to take fewer carbs if you are taking the Atkins diet. However, this is not the case of grapefruit diet. You do not need to alter your habit of eating. Of course you will still need to do some exercises in order to make the diet even more effective.

According to the study mentioned above, in twelve weeks, one can lose 3.6 pounds if one takes the grapefruit diet and do some exercise everyday. Yet one does not need to alter his / her eating habit in order to lose these 3.6 pounds. The study also reveal that it is also effective if you can drink a glass of grapefruit juice afore every meal. The reduction in weight will be 3.3 pounds in the case. Of course it is also in a period of twelve weeks. Although the pace of losing weight is considered slow, the diet still has its advantage over other dieting plans since you will probably find it a lot easier to stick to this diet.

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