Bump Key How To – Make a Bump Key: Videos and Free PDF Tutorial


Lock bumping is a technique for bypassing a pin tumbler lock with a specially designed bump key which can be made with any key for that type of lock and a small file.

A single bump key will work on all locks of the same type–same type means any lock with the same keyway which can often mean different brands of locks because the same few keyways are used on the great majority of all pin-tumbler locks in use.

Alright, so here’s the video first, have a look at that and if you want some further clarification and help then have a look at the PDF (which you can read on here or just download from scribd and read on your computer) which is immediately after the video, and then…

THEN…I’m going to show you how to pick a lock with a FUCKING BANANA :mrgreen: (no, seriously). Oh, also, if you’d rather just buy your bumpkeys instead my friend runs the site bumpkey.us (click here to see their site) and he’s got bumpkeys for every lock imaginable, they really are the best, I highly recommend you check them out. Here’s the video:

Here’s the PDF guide:
Bump Key How To

How to pick a lock with a banana


Additional Resources and Further Reading

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The best resource on the internet, bar none, for lockpicking, lock bumping and bypass, and safecracking information for hobbiests and pros alike is LockPicking101.com (the guy in the banana video above is digital_blue, one of the admins, on LP101).

To buy your own bumpkeys instead of making them, check out bumpkey.us (click here to see their site).