Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe: Omega Restaurant Recipe

Here’s an awesome and very quick little recipe for some delicious chinese chicken salad, it’s being done by Chef Russell Bry of Omega Restauarant in Niles, Illinois.

The only thing that might take a bit of time is the preheating of the oil beforehand, but that’s only a problem if you don’t have gas (gas should be able to get it to temperature in under 10 minutes), and the noodles themselves that he’s using: you should be able to pick them up at Whole Foods or any gourmet grocery store, as well as any Asian foods store, and if you just can’t get them obviously you can simply go with the tried and true substitute of Ramen noodles.

Here, have a look:

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Here’s a unique one that I like where they’ve introduced some olives and preserves (i.e. plum) into the mix.

I was hoping to find one of these–my mom uses pecans in hers, and it’s just delicious that way–not only are there pecans, but eggs, too.