Colorful Touches for Outdoor Decorating



If you are looking for a way to increase the beauty of your home then don’t forget to decorate the exterior portion of your home such as the patio, porch or yard. Creating an outdoor living space with stunning, colorful touches brings an inviting look and feel that is just perfect for relaxation after a hectic day at the workplace or a fun and exciting area to host events for family, friends, or neighbors. There is a great diversity of outdoor decorating ideas that will surely match the style and mood that you are trying to capture. Turning the outdoor area into an exciting and functional living space is a little bit tricky but can be very rewarding at the end.

When designing your outdoor living space it does not need to be monochromatic. Simply allow your imagination to mix up and match the various patterns and add a splash of colors. You can also add some decorative accents to give your home a more personalized look. The key to putting these decorative and functional accents is to match them with the architecture of your home. Here are some helpful design ideas for exterior home improvement and decorating.


When the life outside your home seems dreary then adding a burst of color will work wonder to raise vibes in your home. While blacks tend to be chic and elegant for the living room, they’ll be likely to become very hot under direct sunlight. You might want to consider replacing your faded cushion fabric into a bold and colorful one. You can also have them in pretty patterns to complement the dominant green and browns in your surroundings. Whether you like floating to plastic to wooden or metallic, make sure that these furniture are durable and water resistant as they are kept in open air. For instance, the metal frame of this furniture should be polished to prevent it from getting rusty or their fabric should be fade, stain and liquid resistant.


Hammocks are another great addition to your patio, porch or lawn. It is not only an enjoyable and healthy way to spend an afternoon as well as it creates a relaxing and comforting look and feel to the outside area of your home. Hammocks come in a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Some of the common types of hammocks are Rope Hammocks, Quilted Hammocks, Mayan Hammocks, Brazilian Hammocks, Nicaraguan Hammocks, Poolside Hammocks, and Camping Hammocks. Choosing a hammock greatly depends on how you want to use it. For example, a rope hammock may be an all time favorite by many because it offers great comfort, as the ropes will stretch and match the contour of the body but it may not be advisable for families who have small children. Rope hammocks have large space created by the woven ropes that might caught the hands and feet of the little ones. For families with young children, a quilted hammock should be considered as they are created with no gaps and holes in the surface. To keep a vibrant and colorful patio or porch, a mayan hammock is an excellent choice because they have bright colors and unique form.


Curtains do not only offer a beautiful look to your home and patio but also gives some privacy from the prying eyes of the outside world. Curtains come in a diverse style, color, length and materials so choosing the best outdoor curtain require a little patience. To give your outside area a more vibrant and beachy look, opt for bright, light and dazzling colors. Choosing the materials for your outdoor curtains is as important as deciding on its color. Outdoor curtains should adapt to fit the outdoor elements. Waterproof materials such as vinyl or plastic have lesser chances of water damage and are easy to clean while cotton, rayon, and linen allow for greater air flow and comfort. Deciding a patio curtain should go well with its desired purpose.

Table Runners

Table runners complement your table settings by adding color, texture, and a unifying element to your tablescape. Furthermore, it adds a touch of elegance to your patio, porch or lawn. The use of table runners varies on how you want your space to appear, you can be as formal or as casual as you like. In an informal setting you can use a shorter table runner to highlight a centerpiece. If you want to highlight the table itself, then use a table runner without coordinating a table cloth with a woven linen or cloth material to complement the texture of a solid wood table.


Over the past few years, rugs are just placed in the backyard and didn’t add any ambience to a landscape but nowadays, where outdoor living areas are more than just a place to put your backyard furniture, outdoor rugs has been the quickest way to add color, comfort and style to your patio, porch or deck. Besides looking good, they also feel great underfoot. Most outdoor rugs are water, UV, mold, and rot resistant.

Plant pots

When you plan your patio flower garden then you may want to consider using large terra cotta pots. They come with variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that will surely blend together on your patio. Along with these pots, make sure to purchase flowering plants that will look good in your pots. Pansies, petunias, foxglove or delphinium are a good example of flowering plants that is just right for your garden.


A water fountain will instantly add beauty to your surroundings and will quickly become a focal point for your home. Aside from its decorative purposes, water fountains will help relieve stresses and offers great relaxation. Its soothing sounds help calm the nerves and provide a tranquil experience. Whether you choose a tabletop fountain, a large wall fountain, or a garden fountain, you are sure to enjoy the benefits for the many years to come.