How to Apply Eyeshadow: Asian Eyes

Before beginning you need to, of course, apply a base–use one that de-puffs and reduces lines.

The nice thing about being Asian is that you can get away with nearly any color you like since you have light skin and dark hair.

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However, I would say that if you have more of a pink undertone to your skin then you need to stay away from anything with a red or pink base, whereas if your skin has more of a golden undertone then obviously you would want to use a yellow or golden bases.

That said, it’s really very simple; I’ve got a short video tutorial here you can follow along with (if you can watch it, pause it, and do your makeup along with it, that would be a good idea).

First, here’s what you’ll see used in the video that you may need to get:

Alright, let’s get started:

Gold, Pink, and Purple OH MY!

Got an added bonus for you, if you want to try this style:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

The best thing you could possibly do for yourself would be to get and read Asian Faces: The Essential Beauty and Makeup Guide for Asian Women–the author, Taylor Chang-Babaian, is a celebrity makeup artist and her prior clients include Lucy Liu who wrote the introduction for her book.

Definitely check out this poll on the best and worst makeup for Asian women–very interesting, and all the comments are a goldmine of information.