How to Backside Flip (360° with kickflip) | Skateboard Trick

Today you’re going to learn how to do the backside flip trick. It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world, but it’s very popular and is THE move that you see being featured on almost any kind of video or movie involving skaters–everyone wants to be able to do this trick. You need to be able to consistently do backside 180’s and kickflips with no problem before you even attempt this trick. I’m going to give you

a few key tips and a bit of advice, and then I’m going to show you two video clips that explain and demo the backside flip for you: one of them is short and simple (about 2 minutes long), the other is a lot more detailed and longer (about 6 minutes). The second one really goes into each and every little

thing you have to do, step-by-step, this way you can determine on your own if you really need that extra help. I’d say watch the first (short) one and go out immediately and try it, and if you really keep getting your ass kicked and you can’t get it, then come back and watch the longer one. Right, here we go:

  • I said it once, I’ll say it again: you better have those backside 180’s and kickflips down pat before you do this.
  • As far as how fast, just roll at whatever speed you would be comfortable doing backside 180 ollies at, ok?
  • Remember that the goal of this trick is to pop as high as you can, not barely leave the ground: the higher you go, the better it looks.
  • Try to land on all 4 wheels as best you can–you’ll probably tend to touch down on the front a bit more, just keep it as even as you can manage.
  • Two keys that will really make a difference: get and keep your arms out to help balance you, and remember to give that tail piece a damn good smack every time, don’t slack.

Short Tutorial and Demo

Watch, try, and then come back and watch again and/or watch the longer one if you don’t get it the first time out:

Long(er) Tutorial and Demo

It kicked your ass, did it? Haha. Ok, what really matters is that you’re back and you didn’t give up, that’s awesome:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you haven’t picked up The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself by Rodney Mullen (inventor of the ollie and holder of 35 world titles), then you HAVE to get it, it’s awesome, filled with information, inspirational, sad, and hilarious all at the same time; it’s THE legend’s story of how he became the best, gave it all up because of his father’s disapproval, and then got it back again. Also, depending on what skill level you’re at, you might want to have a look at Skateboarding Explained: The Instructional DVD, it really is top-notch instruction by one of the best.

This short Zen-like article by Arto Saari on how to backside flip is outstanding–everything you need to know in a paragraph’s worth of sentences.

Check out The Berrics video on Trickipedia (BUNCH of other tricks on there, too).