How to Bind Off Knitting (Stitches)

The process of binding off is what you do when you have finished your project, or that section of it, and you need to get those live stitches off the needles and secure them so they don’t unravel. There are several various binds you can do, I’m just going to show you the basic knit bind-off that will serve you perfectly for the great majority of your projects. As it is easier to show and tell rather than just tell, I’ve got a video for you that will quickly explain and demonstrate what to do, I hope this helps:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you haven’t got it already I highly, highly recommend you check out Vogue Knitting, I just love it to death, it is THE definitive knitting book for me right now, nothing beats it.

If you need more help there’s a great knitting bind-off tutorial here at with pictures and step-by-step instructions.