How to Block Your Cell Phone Number


This is a VERY short and simple how-to, and I know that a lot of people know how to do this but according to Google there are still about 174 people per day searching for “how to block your cell phone number”, so I’m going to tell you how to block your cell phone number:

1. If you want your number permanently blocked for all outgoing calls, then you need to call your provider and tell them that you want this–some providers will charge for this (it will be very inexpensive if this is the case), some won’t.

2. If you just want to block your number for one particular call, then you dial *67 and then the number. So, for example, if I’m calling the number 555-555-1234, then to block my number from caller ID when I call that person I would simply dial *675555551234. If you want to make sure this works for you, you can just try it out by dialing *67 before your own number if you have caller ID or if you don’t then you can try it with a friend who does.

If you’re being called or harassed by someone who is blocking their number and you want to trace it, you CAN do this yourself, check out my article here: How to Unblock a Phone Number.