How To Build A Downline Quickly


By Sean Wright

The great thing about internet marketing is that when you have successfully built a solid downline and mailing list, your business will run itself.

The bad thing about internet marketing is that it takes either time or money but many times both to build a downline. However, attracting prospects is only half the battle. Many people that are new to this industry will quit within only a few weeks of starting, if not less.

The keys to building a sound downline that will not only make you money but run your business for you are:

1. Recruit Only the Best

2. Offer Assistance

3. Encouragement

1. Recruit Only the Best

Building a downline of self-motivated and ambitious individuals is no easy task. For every golden recruit there are fifty tire-kickers and fifty more skeptics.

The key is to develop a marketing campaign that targets only those golden recruits. When using Google Adwords, for example, don’t bid on keywords like “Simple Home Business”, but instead on other affiliate marketing program names.

These people are looking for answers to their questions about their businesses and are hungry for some how-to information. In addition, they are already familiar with the industry. I have wasted a lot of money advertising for a “Home Business Opportunity”. Instead, concentrate your efforts on a market that already has gotten their feet wet in this business. All these people need is a push in the right direction. Give them a push.

2. Offer Assistance

I believe the biggest reason for the large turnover rate in this industry is the lack of good sponsoring. Everyone needs a mentor that has proven himself as an expert on how to be successful in network marketing. Even more importantly, that expert must set his ego aside and be willing to help out the rookies in developing their own marketing plans. Most people quit because they feel overwhelmed and fearful. With the emails and even phone calls of a good sponsor, a terrified new sign up can turn into a golden prospect. We all started somewhere, and we all felt a little overwhelmed at some point. Having personal contact with as many people in your downline as you can will nurture your business and keep your turnover rates low.

3. Encouragement

Even though you may be a hot shot at the top of the leaderboard in your company with 100+ sign ups a week, you still have to treat your downlines’ accomplishments just the same. If your new recruit gets his very first sign-up, send him or her a congratulatory email and act like you do when you get your two thousand dollar bonus for all of your sign-ups. Your passion and excitement will fuel their own. But don’t limit your encouragement for only the best of times. If one of your recruits is having a tough time with his marketing campaign, help him craft a new one and tell him about your struggles with this business and how you pulled through. I think John Wooden said it best, “You can’t do your very best for too long without getting the results you want.”


Building a solid downline and keeping everyone below you happy is the key to success in this industry and building a steady flow of passive income. After all, when your prospects make money, you make money, so you should value their success as much as you value your own and treat their businesses like you treat your own. With a hardworking, ambitious downline that respects you, there is no telling how far you can go and how much money you can make.

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