How To Buy Running Shoes


By Charles Dee

Buying running shoes is about much more than looking for the best price. You need to find the right type of shoe to fit your running style. You first need to identify your foot type from these three basic types:

Flat Foot – Pronated

  • When running, your foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inward.

  • A large area of your foot touches the ground.

  • Many types of running over-use injuries are associated with this foot type.

  • Over 1/2 of the population has this foot type.
  • High-Arched Foot – Supinated

    • The foot does not roll inward (pronate).

    • A large area of the arch of your foot does not touch the ground.

    Neutral – Ideal Foot

    • Your foot lands on the outside of your heel and rolls slightly inward.

    • This is the ideal running style to absorb shock.

    • Only a very small percent of the population has this foot type.

    You can get a good idea of your foot type by using the “wet test”. To do this:

    • Remove your shoes and socks and get into your bare feet.

    • Get the bottom of your foot wet. Step into a bucket of water or something.

    • Step on a surface that will show the imprint of your foot. A sidewalk, light-colored driveway or construction paper works well.

    • Compare your imprint to the descriptions below to determine your foot type and best shoe for that type.

    Flat Foot – Pronated – Look for shoes with a straight or semi-curved shape with max support for the inside of the foot. They might be identified as motion control or stability shoes.

    High-Arched Foot – Supinated – Look for shoes with a curved fit and a lighter outsole. They might be identified as cushioned shoes with a lot of flexibility.

    Neutral – Ideal Foot – Look for shoes with a straight fit and moderate cushioning.

    After determining your foot type, look for shoes that match the descriptions above.

    There are a number of places online to buy running shoes and many great deals to be found. Just make sure that you are purchasing a pair that fits your foot type properly.

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