How to Change a Bike Tire (2 separate videos + what kind of repair kit to buy)

How to Change a Bicycle Tire in Under 10 Minutes

I’ve got two short videos here, the first one done by somebody who actually works in a bike repair shop and does this sort of stuff for a living, so you’re in good hands (the second one shows you how to change a tire if you’re out on the road, it’s at the bottom).

The only thing you’ll need to properly change your bike tire, which he mentions in the video, are tire levers which you can get here (Amazon) and are very cheap–I would advise you not to use a screwdriver or knife as you stand a very real chance of further damaging your tire or even your rim.

Additional Resources

A great thing to have in the event of another puncture (they’re pretty much unavoidable) is a tire repair kit in a seat bag, the one I’ve got is this one by Genuine Innovations that comes with not only tire levers but a CO2 inflator as well (trust me, this beats the hell out of being at the side of the road in 100 degree heat under the sun hand-pumping your tire when you could just press a button for 2 seconds and be done with it).

Here’s another video where they do an actual repair out on the road instead of inside in a shop, I thought this was very well done but I realized that if you’re looking up ‘how to change a bike tire’ on the internet then you’re likely at home and not out on the road so I felt the above video was better suited to this article: