How to Change a Tire (Tyre) in Just a Few Minutes


This is by far the best video on how to properly change a tire that I could find–it covers all the basics plus several very useful tips that I never would have thought of before (sugar, really??).

the only thing you should keep in mind, if you’re not British, is that it’s aimed at people in the UK so if you’re not in the UK then you can disregard the bit about how much tread you’re legally required to have, and also note that torch = flashlight, spanner = wrench, and anticlockwise = counterclockwise.

A few extra tips I would add are:

  • Pull over to a safe area where you can actually work–you want to be as far away from traffic as possible for safety reasons, but you also want to be on tarmac, not soft ground, because you’ll be using a jack.
  • If you’ve got road flares or strobes, use them (it beats a little plastic orange triangle).
  • That spare tire you’ve put on there is NOT meant to stay on there any longer than it takes you to get to garage where you
    can buy a proper tire replacement–spare tires are thinner and much less sturdy than a regular tire, they’re just meant to be used in an emergency for a short period of time to help you get your

    car to some place where a proper tire can be put on, also most spare tires have a warning telling you not to drive over 55 MPH with one on.

Here’s the video:

Additional Resources

I highly recommend that anyone who owns a car have a simple roadside safety kit: this is the best one on Amazon (best overall rating), plus it’s cheap (17 bucks).