How to Cheat in School on a Test (with instructional videos! :D )


How to cheat on tests and quizzes

I’ve got several videos here that show you a few simple yet VERY effective methods of cheating on tests (this is aimed at high school and college students, although I don’t doubt that it’s applicable elsewhere).

We cover the infamous soda bottle label method, and how to do it PROPERLY (there’s a couple of details, like what kind of paper you use, that are very important to not getting caught), the pen method, the eraser method, the blank paper method, plus a few quick tips from me at the end on using technology and gadgets to cheat. Enjoy:

Method #1: The Soda Bottle Technique

Method #2: The Pen Technique

Method #3: The Eraser Technique

Method #4: The Blank Paper Method

I’ll add 3 more very quick methods here at the end for you that I used to use, although I do know that in some areas this doesn’t work as much anymore, there’s still plenty of places where it does: any kind of electronic device can be used to store large quantities of information that you can access during a test. I understand that this doesn’t work sometimes because teachers have caught onto this, but there are still a LOT of teachers who haven’t, or they know about one but they’re clueless about another:

  • An oldie but a goodie: put formulas and even short bits of text into the memory of your graphing calculator (TI-83/86/89 whatever) and just pull it up during your math, physics, or chemistry exam.
  • Text the information to yourself and subtly check your phone like you got a text from a friend or something during the test (some places this is impossible, other teachers won’t give a shit).
  • This one’s very sneaky, my personal favorite: record, in your own voice, the information that you may need during the test on your computer, turn it into an MP3, and upload it to your iPod (or any other MP3 player) and listen to it during the test (many teachers will allow students to listen to music on their iPods during long exams).

Additional Resources

SchoolCheat’s got some tips worth ‘testing’ out, have a look.

This guy is awesome, love the rants about WHY it’s ok to cheat (he’s right, too–can you tell I’m not a fan of institutionalized education? 😀 ), plus lots of good tips.