How to Club Dance: Learn how to club dance in 10 minutes with 2 simples moves


I’ve got two awesome instructional videos here done up by a professional dance company instructor, who has over 8000 hours of club dancing time in the U.S. and has worked with some of the top pop stars in Asia, that will show you the only few, very basic dance moves you need to rock out in the club (and not look ridiculous, dorky, uncoordinated, or socially inept in the process).

The first move you’re going to learn is the simple “club rock” aka “the rock step”, which you can bust out whenever and just keep on doing it all night long if you wish, it’s very easy and simple, and there’s lots of ways you can get creative and vary it up as you like (he shows you multiple variations of it in the first video, all of them pretty simple and easy to learn quickly). The next move is the “Ghetto Bounce”–different video, same guy, new hat, also very simple. Here you go:

How to do the “Club Rock”:

How to do the “Ghetto Bounce”:

Additional Resources

Here’s Chi’s (the guy in the above videos) website area where he’s got a bunch more videos on stuff like “how to freak ‘n grind”, etc.

Here’s an extraordinarily useful thread over at about club dancing, more resources and info than you can shake a stick at.