How to Cow Tip


Not much else to say about this, got a few extra tips after the video that they don’t mention, but come on: after seeing this, how could I not put this on here 😀 ??

Couple of extra tips:

  • Stay downwind of the cow: they can smell you, and this will spook them.
  • When you approach the cow, hold it on the bottom of it’s side, while one friend stands beside the other and both place their hands against the cow’s upper back and push–this has to be done quickly.
  • Cows tend to kick when they’re pushed over, stay away from the rear!
  • I live in Texas, and I know for a fact that Texas has a law that allows property owners to use lethal force on trespassers IF (and only if) it’s dark outside (the theory is you can’t tell if the trespasser is armed or not and since it’s your ass on the line you get the benefit of the doubt and may open fire if you wish). In short: farmers tend to have firearms, in all likelihood it will be dark when you do this, and in Texas they can legally fill your ass full of buckshot, so if you reside in the Lonestar State proceed at your own risk, you’ve been warned. Here’s the law that I think is usually used in reference to this (it’s specifically 9.42(A)):