How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener (flat iron)


Today I’m going to show you how to use a CHI Straightener to curl your hair a la the Christina Aguilera style you see there on the left. This particular technique will not only give you a look that you can’t get with a curling iron but it will also last a lot longer than the curls that a curling iron creates.

You’ll also find that you’ll get a much nicer, looser curl than what a curling iron will give you. I’ve got a few critical, must-know tips for you first, and then I’ll show you what to do, let’s go.

Tips for curling with a flat iron

  • The secret to using a flat iron to curl your hair is to play around with the angle (that you’re holding the iron at) until it curls just the way you want it to. You’ll actually find that getting close to vertical, just the opposite of what you would do if you were straightening it, tends to work the best.
  • The bigger the section of hair is that you curl at once, the larger and more open that curl will tend to be. Section it out according to what you want to do.
  • Don’t clamp the straightener down too tightly, you should never be pulling out your own hair.
  • Always use product specifically designed for use with a straightener–it’ll help protect your hair from heat damage plus it helps retain a certain amount of moisture in your hair that would’ve been burned off without it. The stylist in the video below uses FHI Hot Sauce (get it here from Amazon), that’s what I recommend as well, very good stuff. The iron she’s using is also an FHI, the professional model, if you’re interested (also available from Amazon).
  • You can finish off with a light hairspray if you want, this will help to prevent moisture and humidity from causing the curls to drop.

What to do

You’ll notice that not only does her hair look absolutely gorgeous after she’s done, but that it barely took any time at all. I’ve no doubt that this is somewhat due to the fact that she’s a professional stylist, plus she’s doing it to someone else instead of herself, but it still illustrates the fact that this can be used to make an astonishing look in just a few minutes.

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you want to do more styles like this, I highly recommend you check out Robert Vetica’s Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple–he’s been a stylist to numerous celebrities including Salma Hayek (she wrote the Foreword to this book) and does an excellent job of showing you how to do the various tricks of the trade and create the styles you see on celebrities today.

Immediately go to over to Beauty Riot and and proceed to spend the next 2 hours browsing through their stuff–they cover celebrity hairstyles and makeup and how to replicate them.