How To Cut Hair Like A Barber

how to cut hair like a barber
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First let me begin by saying that this is just a GUIDE to cutting hair. If this is something that

you are seriously interested in, then you should look into getting a stylist license. In addition, since there are many styles of cuts for both men and women, I have chosen one cut for each and both are fairly basic.

Be sure to always begin any cut with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair that is towel dried, and keep a spray bottle handy to wet hair as you cut.

The cut I have chosen for women is for those with longer hair looking for styling diversity. This is a cut that allows for her to style and curl her hair, as well as wearing it

straight and smooth. The trim is similar to a bob, but uses a back angle so as to maximize the number of dead ends being taken off without sacrificing length.

Here is how you can accomplish this look:

  • Part the hair down the middle and separate into two sections; leave a 1-inch section of hair down in the back in the center. Pin the rest of the hair up – in their respective sections – out of the way.
  • Comb the section of hair out to smooth it and then tilt the head back to the desired angle. It is best to work from the side so that you can see the angles and be sure they are in the proper position. Use a straight, horizontal cutting line and cut the hair to desired length.
  • Continue the cut by working in 1/2-inch segments. You can alternate sides or work one side and then move to the next. That is completely your preference. To continue the cut, however, let down a 1/2-inch segment from either side and brush it to the back center. Cut this section of hair to match the initial guide length.
  • Next, raise the head to an upright position and comb out the hair. Create an even part down the middle starting at the top center of the head. Beginning at the center back of the head, comb the hair down to the ends to ensure the ends are even. If it is necessary, trim the ends to make them even. Start from the center and work your way around to the front of one side. Then start back at the center and work your way to the front of the other side. This ensures that you have an even angled line.
  • The hair can now be styled as desired.

Now let’s move on to the men. The style for men that I have chosen is fairly simple, as well, and tends to be a more popular style. This cut keeps it short in the back and on the sides, while keeping it slightly longer on top. The key with cutting a man’s hair is to always start long. You can always trim back if you have to, but give yourself a little leeway and follow these rules:

  • Begin by combing the man’s hair into 1/2-inch long slice-like sections.
  • Hold the hair between your middle and index finger, horizontal to the floor.
  • Create an angle with your fingers that point towards his ears.
  • Cut the hair along your finger line to create the angle into the hair.
  • Use clippers to keep the back and sides shorter.

And voila! Now you know two great cutting methods that will make you look like a hair styling pro!

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