How to Cut Your Own Hair (men and women — layered, short, and long)


Cutting your own hair isn’t as complicated as you might think and most people are far too frightened of it–even if you do screw up, you can

always have it fixed up by a proper stylist later, no big deal. Today I’m going to show you how to cut your own hair first, if you’re a girl, second if you’re a guy with medium-length hair, and last, if you’re a guy with short hair (or you want short hair). The first thing you’ll need are the right tools, and if you’re reading this then this is

probably the first time you’ve done this so you’re not sure if you want to keep doing it or not, in which case I would just get an inexpensive hair-cutting kit like this one if you’re a guy, or a good set of styling shears like this one if you’re a girl (those two are the bestselling ones currently on Amazon).

How to cut your hair in layers (for girls)

This is an exceptionally well-done video, I was really impressed with this girl especially considering the fact that she appears to be all of about 17:

How to cut your hair at medium length, for guys

I put this one in because he cuts his hair a bit longer than the guy in the video below who only uses a trimmer, whereas in this video he has to use scissors and a trimmer, plus it’s just good to have multiple perspectives, it helps you learn faster:

How to cut your hair short (buzz cut aka high and tight) for men

And all you need here is a good quality electric trimmer, some patience and this video. This type of cut is also what would be considered a military style cut, and if you are in the military this cut would keep you well within regulation, even if you’re a Marine (the Marines require the shortest cut):

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you want a good book on the subject, I’d recommend you check out Scissors and Comb Haircutting: A Cut-by-Cut Guide for Home Haircutters.

You really need to have a look at this page at where they’ve got a bunch of different hairstyles listed and then instructions on how to cut each one of them, very cool. is of a similar vein, and they also have a very active forum where people upload pictures of themselves with various cuts and styles.