How to Download YouTube Music to MP3 Files

I am going to make this super short, sweet, and awesome: here’s how to download music from YouTube straight to an

MP3 file WITHOUT having to install someone’s friggin’ software that’s probably got spyware, adware, trojans, or god-knows what else on it. It’s really simple, but you do need to be patient since you’re using someone else’s server to download and convert the video for you. I tried about a half dozen sites before

I FINALLY found one that worked and did what they said it would do–sadly, the first 2 results on google for “download youtube video mp3” didn’t work and gave me errors for the video I wanted (Bush’s “Chemicals Between Us”), but I found this one and it works, it’s simple, it’s free, they don’t ask for your email, etc. Go to:, and then just copy and paste the URL of the video you want, wait for it to grab it, then click ‘Download’–that’s it 🙂 Also, make sure you get the URL from the right hand side ‘info bar’ where it specifically says “URL” instead of from the bar at the top of your browser, which might have additional stuff that’ll mess it up in it if you went there from your playlist or another related video, for example.

If this stops working for anyone, leave a comment and let me know.

How to do this if you’ve got RealPlayer

I found this video in the process, and thought this might be helpful for certain people who maybe already have RealPlayer or perhaps would prefer to have software on their computer that can do this for them: