How to Dry Clean at Home


I’ve been guilty of doing this several times: buy something, get it home, then notice that it says “dry clean only” on the tag. How aggravating is that? Oh, I also tend to buy things and then several days later notice that they say “hand wash only”–I throw them in the washing machine anyway 🙄 . Well today I’m going to show you how you can simply, safely, and cheaply dry clean your own clothes at home in very little time with one simple easy-to-find product and your regular dryer. The product you’ll need is something called Dry Cleaner’s Secret by Woolite (get it here from Amazon) (in the video below they refer to “Dryel”, my stuff is better, trust me: just look at how popular it is on Amazon vs. the woolite stuff). Here’s what to do with it (just substitute my stuff whenever she says “dryel”):