How To Get Out Of Jury Duty: My Story, How I Did It.


I, very recently, was summoned for jury duty, and out of 30 people who were called in that day they let 6 of them go home–I was one of those 6.

Today I’m going to quickly give you a couple ways that you could use to get out of jury duty without ever having to go, and a way to get out of jury duty if you don’t qualify for those and you do end up having to report in.

The easiest way to get out of jury duty is to actually qualify under one of the legitimate excuses that

is listed on the letter you received in the mail. In Texas, for example, if you’re 70 years of age or older, have a child under 10 that you must care for, have some debilitating medical illness, etc. you are automatically excused from jury duty–you don’t even have to go in, you just check the excuse you qualify under on the paper and mail it in to them with proof (photocopy of driver’s license if you’re over 70, copy of medical forms, etc.). I’ll give you a good example that I probably could have used, but didn’t: one of the requirements to be a juror is that you ‘be of sound mind and body’, now I was diagnosed and treated for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder–the stuff they give little kids Ritalin for) when I was in college, and I most likely could have said ‘well, I’m not capable of paying attention for a long period of time’ and then sent them the medical forms from the psychiatrist who diagnosed me, and that would have done it! 😀

how to get out of jury duty
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Now, if you don’t qualify under one of the legitimate excuses, once you report in there’s several things you can do. First of all, I wore the most obnoxious t-shirt I could find ( this one ), which might have done the job all by itself, but I believe it was something else that actually saved my ass: the prosecutor had each juror, one at a time, stand up and give their name, address, occupation, marital status, and tell whether or not they’d ever served on a jury before. I noticed that of the 6 people excused,

3 of them were the people who said that they owned a business–I was one of those (I work from home as an online affiliate marketer). I’ve read elsewhere that if you own a business and that business would lose significant business from you not being there as a result of jury duty, that qualifies you to be excused; I suspect that is what occurred here.

If you happen to know ANYBODY involved in the case (cops, witnesses, prosecutor, defendant, defendants friends/relatives, judge, etc.) then you will almost always be immediately excused.

If you are a police officer, paramedic, or firefighter, then you will almost always be automatically exempt (and likely won’t ever get a jury summons in the mail to begin with). If you have ANY experience with any legal-related jobs, i.e. law enforcement, attorney,

paralegal, you dropped out of law school, whatever–this will almost ALWAYS get you excused. If you were a sheriff’s deputy for a couple of years waaaaay back in the day, like 20 years ago, TELL THEM–it will probably get you off. If you have ANY friends that are cops and you can say that they’ve talked to you about the job and how things are done (therefore you ‘know stuff’ about the law and how the system works) TELL THEM–it will probably get you off. They don’t want people who have any prior knowledge because then they can’t control precisely what you do and don’t know about the case.

Jury Nullification – i.e. the ‘Jury Veto’

This is an almost guaranteed way to get yourself excused from a jury–basically, a jury DOES have a right to find someone not guilty EVEN IF THEY BELIEVE THEY BROKE THE LAW IN QUESTION, if the jury does not agree with the law or believes that the law should not apply to this specific person in this specific case. There is a very solid legal precedent that supports this, and there’s actually been a case before the Supreme Court involving it where the court ruled that the state does NOT have to inform a jury that they have this right–in other words, you will not be told about this and they really hope you don’t know about it, because they want you to find the person guilty if you think they broke the law, even if you don’t agree with the law, think it shouldn’t be applied in their case, or believe the punishment is too harsh. Essentially, you can vote guilty/not guilty for ANY ARBITRARY REASON you choose, but they don’t want you to know this. From The Mental Floss Blog – ‘How To Get Out of Jury Duty’:

Next time you’re in the jury selection process and really want out, just inform the court that you know all about jury nullification and you aren’t afraid to use it. A little-known facet of common law dating back to Elizabethan England, jury nullification happens when a jury hands down a not guilty verdict but not because they think the defendant is innocent. Instead, they’re making a statement about the validity of the law itself. The first jury nullification happened in 1670, when William Penn (of Pennsylvania fame) and William Mead (of no fame) were charged with unlawful assembly a crime basically created to prevent unsanctioned religious groups from getting together to worship. Clearly, both men were guilty, but the jury refused to convict them on the grounds that the law was unjust. The practice continued in America. Throughout the mid-1800s, northern juries would frequently nullify prosecutions against people who violated the Fugitive Slave Laws. And, during Prohibition, juries around the country nullified numerous alcohol control violations. Prior to the 20th century, nullification was accepted as common practice, but around the late 1800s, judges started taking a harsher view of it. In 1895, the Supreme Court even handed down a ruling saying that judges don’t have to inform juries of their right to nullify. Today, most judges take advantage of this. Many will even tell you that you legally can’t nullify a law. There’s some debate over whether that’s true or not. (At any rate, jurors can’t be punished for the verdict they return and not-guilty defendants can’t be retried, so we figure, what the heck.) Either way, most judges don’t want to deal with a juror who might pull the nullification card, so if you bring it up, you’ll likely be eliminated from the jury pool.

Also, in many states you can request a change of date and get your jury duty postponed for up to a year later; I’ve heard that the best month to ask for is December, as there is a much greater chance of trials being delayed or rescheduled due to the holidays.

Lastly, something that I had read (when I googled ‘how to get out of jury duty’ 😆 ) which the prosecutor and judge both said once I got there that you should really remember most: IF YOU GENUINELY DON’T WANT TO BE THERE, THEN THEY WILL NOT WANT YOU ON A JURY! If you can communicate that you really don’t want to serve jury duty, they will let you go almost every time. I can’t emphasize this enough–it’s not a legitimate excuse guaranteed to get you out, but it will work the great majority of the time.

Further Reading and Additional Resources

If you’re genuinely interested in learning more about jury nullification, there’s an excellent book I’ve just finished that you really ought to check out called: Jury Nullification: The Evolution of a Doctrine

‘How To Get Out of Jury Duty’ – at

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  1. It is ridiculous to assert that jury nullification “began” with the Penn trial in 1670. Jury nullification predates Magna Charta.

    Secondly, why should anyone want out of jury duty? How often do you get to see, up close and personal, how the government uses its enormous power? Or, better yet, have the ability to “just say no” to government excesses?

  2. Some of us need out of Jury Duty because we simply can’t afford it. I am a mother of 2 small children, I have a full time job and and it offers no Vacation or Sick pay. I received a summons for 4 days! That I don’t know about anyone else but if I miss 4 days of work my kids don’t eat!!! Now 10 years ago I was sitting at home on workmans comp and did every thing I could to get jury duty…. But no they wait till now! I guess thats our legal system for ya! Figures!

  3. question? can you be arrested for not responding to jury summons ever? i recieved about 2 juror summons b4 and nothin happened.

  4. yes, in Calif you can be arrested, fined, and jailed for failing to respond/show up to juror summons. I believe the fine is around $1,500.

  5. So as of today 8.29.08 I got out of doing jury duty…I was searching for a way to get out of it and they had a lot of great idea’s but I think the one that works the best is just keep ur mouth shut and only answer the questions the judge ask you ….it seemd to me that the ppl who answerd to the booklet they gave us ended up staying oh and I repeat Don’t look at the lawyers or clients LOOK AT UR NAILS LOOK AT THE Walls look every where else but the lawyers or just keep ur eye on the judge and if the lawyer happens to ask you something then answer str8 forward with out giving a long storys about make sweet and short with a yes or no answer and you’ll most deff get out of there …well that was ma story

  6. Anyone who says you SHOULD quit complaining and serve on a jury because it’s your civic duty, etc, hasn’t been called to serve on a federal grand jury. I was. This is a once a week forced servitude for 6 or 12 months. For me, this involved a 170 miles one-way trip to Los Angeles and an overnight hotel stay in downtown LA. Making travel and hotel plans on a weekly basis was a pain and a huge nuisance. After serving several weeks of putting up with this, I ultimately requested to write a letter to the judge in charge asking to be excused on the basis of extreme burden of travel arrangements and the unsafeness of being in downtown LA the night before my jury met. I was granted to be permanently excused on my reasons stated.

  7. The institution of the Jury is sacred. For any American to intentionally get out of it, without a due cause, should nigh be an arrestable offense. The Jury protects, defends, and exercises the people’s sovereignty over the government. Your peers have to convict you, demonstrating where the state derives it’s power to prosecute and convict in the first place. This is the sad state of America, you don’t even realize that this insulates the American people from tyranny.

  8. Jury Duty? Anyone who wants to be there is a huge joke. Seriously. Go read a book. Jury Duty is for idiots and that’s who they’re looking for IDIOTS.

  9. That’s a lie! I expressed my feelings on not wanting to be a juror, plus, how I’m in extremely college debt… like over $80, 0000 an need my job and they didn’t give a shit. Now I’m to serve as a grand juror. How the hell do I get out? I have 2 weeks and I swear I’m going to have to pay a doctor to say I’m crazy or something!

  10. Jen-If you have read my previous message above, you see I was able to get excused from a 1-year grand jury forced servitude in Los Angeles. Where do you live? Are you employed? They were excusing jurors from the LA courts if their employers wouldn’t pay their salary if they served. Some employers will pay but only for “x” number of days. They made those jurors show up until their employers no longer paid. You may email me privately at if you want further advice on dealing with a grand jury situation.

  11. I need some thoughts. I am in jury duty with a trial that may last 14 days.
    The problem is that I am self employed and haven’t been working much. I have a day of work coming that I can’t miss to attend the trial. I desperately need the money. I told this to the judge, but he still put me on the Jury. I need to have this day of work. I have talked to the Judge and told him of my situation about this day of work. If they don’t work out the trial schedule, I need a plan.

    What should I do seriously to make sure that I get this day of work without getting myself into trouble. Call in sick? How what should I do, say etc?

  12. All this civic duty stuff is a joke. Who really wants a bunch of people serving on their case who are resentful at being forced into indentured servitude to begin with, and who will be to busy thinking about how they are going to make rent, keep their clients, find child care, etc. than concentrate on the evidence anyway? I mean, I’m sorry … They can make me show up, but they can’t make me pay attention or stay awake.

  13. To be honest, I am a bit curious to maybe spend a few days seeing what a court session is like. But as many have stressed it cant be afforded, the fact is I have to worry about paying for school in a few months (and the government isnt giving me s***) so I have to find a job, then also summer classes in a few weeks. Their is no way that $15 a day is going to cut it, you cant even get a decent lunch for that anymore!

  14. my brother got out of Jury duty by saying he was going to school out of state in which technically his living arrangements were at the school, so he got off. he never had to prove it, so that might be helpful for some of you. 😉

  15. If the judges asks you questions, tell them this “I’m not good at sitting there, and making judgements.” Worked for me and it’s the truth too. ^___^

  16. Had one heck of a stubborn judge today that wanted me to serve as a juror for approximately 3 week trial. He knew that I could not afford not to work for that long. And that I had a family reunion it two weeks. And he couldn’t give a rat’s ass. This is a high profile case and he is the top judge for my area. Thought he was like GOD or some thing. Well as a last resort I had to resort to saying, I am a racist that I cannot be objective and that there accuser should be tarred and feathered and that the accused was obviously innocent. This was not my first time in court and should only be used by someone who is very confident with them selves. He threatened me with contempt and that he would throw me in jail.

  17. Magna Charta, Space Charter, who cares! THANK YOU… (I’d rather not go to jail along with the defendant, and Contempt of Court is the first threat I received. But they probably have many charges to arrest you with). I’m thinking of leaving on vacation for a few weeks to avoid speaking to them. If you don’t know what I mean, watch TV.

  18. I just found out that I have to serve 2 days a week for like 3 months. I don’t get my normal salary from my employer and expressed to the DA that I could come back and not have a job. They said “Sorry”. I also expressed that I am a single mother and this would interfer with my child’s school activities… Again they said “Sorry” There is no way out of GRAND jury duty. Wish I could get me Dr to say that I am legally insane, but I don’t want that to follow me around for the rest of my life. Why don’t they subpoena people who are currently out of work. The $25 a day would help them, not hurt them

  19. Of course jury duty is for idiots!! They dont want educated people, people that own businesses, doctors other lawyer, and if you have lawyers in your family, they dont want you Hello!! So who’s left.. People who are out of work or make minimum wage etc.. There ya go.. Judges should decide the cases..Forget this nonesense of being tried by your own peirs thing

  20. Jury duty is a very important right that we all have if we are ever a party to a criminal or civil case. God forbid it, but it could be our saving grace. We have the right to ultimately be judged by our peers.

    If you receive a summons, and you have an extremely good reason for getting excused, it will most likely be granted. If you have a major event soon, you might be able to reschedule within a year (usually jury pools are booked for about 6 weeks so might not be for a while).

    If you can, serve.

  21. Last jury I was on I ended up floor person — so the whole, “they don’t want educated people” is crap. I have a PhD from a top Ivy league university. There was also an undercover drug investigator on our Jury. The jury was very mixed — both in educational background, ethnicity as well as in opinion… It was hell to reach any kind of verdict…

  22. “They can make me show up, but they can’t make me pay attention or stay awake.”

    I can appreciate the duty of serving and each time assigned over the last 25yrs I went in. Now I sit here with a 6yo with special needs, a teen with a sudden onset heart issue and myself with a chronic disease that impairs my cognitive function. Apparently the Dr. note sent in was not sufficient and I have a threat of criminal complaint in my hand. Imagine that, 2k fine and community service if prosecuted! So, I called and I will go and do my “duty” but I agree with the above quote. I would add that in forcing me there in these circumstances I believe my sympathy will be with the defendant who must be getting screwed by the same system too…(sarcasm)

  23. “Valid excuse” – what are you smokin? No such thing. This institution is broken.

    Anybody’s that’s served knows that you can just not show up pay 75 and be way ahead. Some poor excuse of a citizen on the jury as me sleep through the 1st few days of the trial, then showed up late and the judge really threw the book at him – took his daily “wage” and fined him 75 bucks. I say just pay the 75 up front!

  24. A guy is inserting money into a vending machine that is selling “JUSTICE”. Another guy walks up and asks “how much is it”?, the first guy replies ” i have no idea, just keep inserting money and hope for the best”! About how it is these days…

    Another excuse i have heard that works is to not be allowed to be placed under oath. Say you don’t believe in taking an oath and that its meaningless. Just because one is “under oath” doesn’t mean he is telling the truth and proof is past cases where cops lie and get caught, or someone is found not guilty after serving time.

  25. I have an open complaint filed against the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept., I filed this complaint on 3-13-10. I have to show for Federal Jury Duty on 3-30-10. Im hoping this is my ace to get out of my “civic duty”. I have no problem telling the Judge that I think cops lie when its convenient for them. They did my sons case. My son(13y.o.) is only a witness and they treated me like the criminal. The cops exposed my son to the family of the Defendant(by interviewing him outside in broad day light and the Defendant lives next door and watched the whole thing, which then threatened my son if he testified. I was the bad guy for asking that we go to the Police Station so my son wouldnt be exposed. Then when I went to file a complaint, they insisted that I file the report with the Sargent that i was complaining about. I didnt go for that, so I called Internal Affairs and filed a formal complaint against the officers responding and the Sargent that insisted I filed the complaint with him only. They all lied to cover each other. I am still waiting the final report, i wont hold my breath!!! Now, do I sound like someone a DA would want on a jury?

  26. If you are on unemployment and get paid for jury duty they will deduct it from your benefits. You break even at best.

  27. I don’t believe in the Judicial system. Twice, it has let me down. Once when I defended myself against a cop that lied…I got him to admit that he lied and that I may have not committed the crime in question and the judge still ruled on his side. The second time, I pressed charges when an assailant broke into my house and beat my roommate and I before taking off. The system MAILED the guy his warrant and never did anything about it.

    I say that the court systems should get law students to serve as jurors. I really don’t have the time, money, or interest in fulfilling this “civil duty.” Especially when I know firsthand just how corrupt the system is.

  28. I had to postpone my jury duty a few weeks ago because my best friend passed away and I was supposed to be at the courthouse the day of the funeral. I just received my new summons. The problem is that my only babysitter was my best friend. My son is severely mentally handicapped and cannot go to a regular daycare center, and my husband is physically disabled and cannot care for himself, let alone our son. I’m poor and I don’t make much money. My car is 17 years old and breaks down fairly often. I have a minimum 5-day summons, and I don’t know what to do. I wrote a letter to the court asking that I be excused, and they denied it.
    I’m wondering if the fact that I cannot make eye contact or even look anywhere near a person’s face will get them to let me go? It’s my only hope.

  29. “Civic Duty”, what a bunch of pussies some of you are. You are out of touch with the realities that most people have to deal with on a daily basis like the lady with the son with a mental disability. For MyMiniMonk, go to the doctor and get a letter if necessary saying what your sons handicap is, then list yourself as his sole care giver which you are, if your husband is also physically disabled I am willing to guess and bet that he can’t take care of him therefore you have to do it all. If you have some minor issues with eye contact you might fall on the autistic spectrum, have yourself diagnosed and if that is the case that is another reason for being excused. Most of this should be on the summons form under a section on excuses and hardships. I agree with the woman with the 13 year old son as well, the cops can be jerks – keep pushing the matter with internal affairs and also contact the news media, they typically love those kinds of stories and if you can’t get legal recourse against them you can at least cause them alot of inconvenience and anxiety.

    As Norm Crosby said, “When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty”.

    Yep, I get out of jury duty, and do so with no remorse or sense of guilt. I run a business and I have a right to earn a living and no one, no government official, no liberal judge has a right to restrict that right. And I was told, when I indicated it was a financial hardship because I was the sole operator of my business that, “well, since you are a citizen of this country, and because you can run a business, then you have an obligation to serve on jury duty, period”. So, in other words, screw you and your livelihood. So that was my turning point, I have plenty of legal reasons now and I use them. I also have a handicapped son and I run my business at home so I can take care of him, and I don’t serve jury duty for that reason.

    On the other hand, if some of you are so enamored with the prospect of serving jury duty, you ought to volunteer for lots and lots more of it.

    The rest of you, keep asking around, keep researching it, there are lots of excuses you can legitimately get and you will find them if you keep looking for them.

    When the government bails out big companies left and right who can’t and won’t manage their companies responsibily but they say it is our “civic” and “patriotic” duty to serve Jury Duty for money you can’ t even by a meal from McDonald’s with something is wrong and I do not feel it is my “civic”, “patriotic” duty.

  30. Ok sure I will share my story. It’s not that I don’t want to be on a jury, but I don’t want to be on one right now and I already used up my postponement.

    I live in a small town area and come from a big, nasty city. I’ve been raised very liberally by a welfare worker, went to kids with the projects, etc and tend to find myself emphasizing with defendants and finding ways to justify their actions if they are guilty. I made this VERY clear to the court and the DA booted me as fast as he could. I didn’t know about jury nullification, but now that I read this page I am sure they were worried about me playing that card. I also noticed that all cops and lawyers who showed up were dismissed, as well as some people who had strong feelings associated with the topic of the case (i.e. had been victims of a similar crime, close family was arrested for the same crime).

  31. One could deliberately try to give the wrong answers to questions in the screening process, however I am sure they will add the polygraph soon if they haven’t already to catch people trying to weasel their way out of Jury Duty. People caught doing that should be held in contempt of court and charged with attempting to dodge jury duty.

  32. The people who want to get out of jury duty because “it’s boring” or “I’d lose money” make me sick. I’ve read all your justifications. You sound like idiots.

    Don’t say “it’s my right to pursue my livelihood.” The only reason you have that right is because of the democratic system we have, where some feudal lord can’t go and take 25% of your labor or whatever he feels like and then send some guards to beat you and steal from you if you refuse.

    When the day comes that you’ve been accused of a crime, what attitude do you want the jurors to have? Do you want them to be deliberately slacking off because they feel like they’re not being paid enough? Do you want to be tried by a jury of peers, or would you prefer to be tried by a panel of corrupt politicians?

    I have sympathy for people who have ligitimiate reasons not to serve– being unable to take time away from childcare, owning a small business that would truly be threatened, etc. Go ahead and get postponed or excused if there’s a real hardship. But when your situation changes, and serving won’t utterly destroy your life, you had better go and serve with pride.

    The legal system has its problems. A lot of unjust decisions are made. That’s why it’s extra important for a panel of 12 ordinary citizens to be present at every trial– because without them, the “broken system” would be many times more horrifying and unjust.

    People have sacrified their lives fighting for our right to have a fair trial by jury. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice a few days of your time, you are trash. You do not deserve to benefit from any of the rights you get from this country.

  33. Note that it’s partly because so many people try to wiggle out of jury duty that it’s so hard for people with LEGITIMATE hardship to get excused.

    The true idiots are the people who try to slither out of jury duty while saying “only stupid people get stuck doing it.” They’re hurting the system, the people who have true hardship, and, ultimately, themselves. Remember– any idiot can say he’s smart and that everyone else is dumb.

  34. Ok…. I agree, maybe our right is to be judged by our peers. And we should be honered to serve …. view it as a privalege ….. but the system is already flawed if this privalege becomes a requirement.
    Why should we be ordered to be there if we don’t want to be. Is there a right time … maybe … maybe not. It should be our choice not the Government. That in itself taints our verdict.
    Lets go further … can we make our own decision….. once again maybe … maybe not. If the judge manipulates or limits the parameters of the evidence presented ,that in itself taints our verdict.
    Lets also talk about “Jury Nullification” . What I continually keep reading is that it is a great way to get out of jury duty. Why ?!! It is our right and most judges will not inform the jury. Instead you are probably not picked if brough up. To me “jury of your peers ” means, Someone who want’s to be there, someone who is willing to make a decision not just on facts ….. (we could do that with computers) but rather decide what we believe to be justice and not necessarily what is presented. Vigilante justice ….. ? …. not really , on the contrary I prefer to think of it as the public voicing itself.
    I myself have a few problems with what goes to trial. Some of those items are , speeding , posession , prostitution. Not a good list I know.
    My reasoning is as follows If 85 percent of the people are speeding in a certain area (including Cops) and a speed trap is constantly being put up. (we’ve all seen this) it’s just bad luck that you get caught. Your following the guy in front and the guy behind you is keeping pace. In some instances if you go the speed limit it seems to me that it can cause an accident. RAISE THE SPEED LIMIT !!!! It’s just a gimme for the government.

    Possession, First off I don’t advocate drugs. If you want to do it that’s it’s your thing. To me possession is masking a larger problem. The drug problem. To arrest someone simply for having something is just like cleaning the blood from a wound ….. BUT … it continues to bleed. Get at the source!!!! Intent to ditribute, burglary, murder etc…… All symptoms of a greater problem. I say help and education for possession is a better alternative. Make that mandatory.
    Prostitution. “The oldest proffesion” Why are we still trying to stop this? It’s a losing proposition.. It’s been going on for decades. Read about drugs. Same scenario.
    Not mention if there is really is just 2 people that have an agreement involving no one. Why is the government getting involved?!!
    Anyway …… I said too much …

  35. This jury duty selection process is out dated. The majority of people don’t want to waste their time sitting in some stuffy courtroom hearing about some crime a thug committed.
    What they should do is select the unemployed or homeless, they have plenty of time to spend on this garbage.

  36. I got laid off exactly 1 mo. (at no fault of my own). Got ONE benefits check and all of a sudden I’m being forced to jury duty literally one week AFTER I just got hired for a new job. So now I have to ask my NEW employer to give me this time off for this b.s… Great.

  37. The justice system is a game in Australia, and getting out of jury duty is a national sport. The whole system is broken. Judges get lifetime appointments and are not investigated or accountable for stupid decisions. Sentences are out of touch with community standards. Evidence is “withheld” from juries for being too prejudicial, even though it is relevant. There is no search for the truth, and the rich get better results because they can afford better lawyers. Overall, the whole court system is a game. This clip pretty well sums up how the system has failed everyone except the lawyers

  38. Loss of confidence in the courts is a killer. If you can’t concentrate, it is grounds for an appeal or retrial. The justice system is a game (in australia anyway) , the whole system is broken. Judges get lifetime appointments and are not investigated or accountable for stupid decisions. Sentences are out of touch with community standards. Evidence is withheld from juries for being too prejudicial, even though it is relevant. There is no search for the truth, and the rich get better results because they can afford better lawyers. Overall, the whole court system is a game. This clip pretty well sums up how the system has failed everyone except the lawyers (cut/paste URL)
    You will see juries misled and offenders literally getting away with murder. Let this clip change your mind on jury duty.

  39. Civic duty? lol I already pay taxes, that should be enough for you clowns.
    I am NOT going to waste my time with this circus. The system is outdated and flawed.
    Jury duty is simply extortion/blackmail. And every time I get these summons, I will do whatever I can to get out of it. Maybe these clowns can hire people and train them to be professional jurors. Maybe this way they can lower the unemployment rate. Although the pay is crap, it’s better than nothing.