How To Get Rid of a Bad Slice (Golf)

How To Get Rid of Your Slice

By Matt Menden

Slicing is one of the most common problems golfers face. There are a couple of reasons why you are slicing your ball. To learn how to cure your slice, you have to figure out what your problem is. The right grip, stance, and swing are needed to eliminate the slice.

First, start with your grip. You want a grip that is neither too strong or too weak. It’s the weak grip that causes a slice, because this results in an open club face. To fix your grip, position your hands so that your left hand (right hand if you are a lefty), faces the target.

Your other hand should face the opposite way.

If you still slice after you adjust your grip, your golf stance may be your problem. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Your shoulders should be in line with your target. Your right foot needs to point ahead while your left foot should point slightly to the left.

At a driving range, practice hitting balls with the correct stance and grip to see if your slice improves. Make slight adjustments to your stance until you are confident that you have found the proper form.

The last way to cure your slice is to fix your swing. Start with your backswing. At the top of your backswing, the shaft should be over your shoulder. The position of your clubface can also create a slice. While you want the clubface open, it should be that way because of the movement of the torso and shoulders. You should not twist your hands or wrist to achieve this.

The backswing is more likely to cause a slice than a downswing, but you should check to see if you have a proper downswing. A good downswing starts with your hips. A follow through is essential.
Even after you figure out what is causing your slice, you’ll need practice to fix it. Don’t be tempted to fall back into what feels right–that’s what causes your slice. If you keep practicing with a proper grip, stance, and swing, you’ll find that the proper way will feel natural.

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