How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally (home remedies)


If your skin has been stretched due to fast growth from weight gain/loss or pregnancy it can’t just bounce back on its own. It actually suffers from a type of scarring known as stretch marks, or striae.

Stretch marks will usually begin as purple or red lines and then become a sort of glossy skin that looks like it has silver or white streaks in it. Stretch marks originate in what’s called the “dermis” which is the elastic middle layer of the skin that permits it to stretch and move while still retaining its shape.

However, if the dermis is stretched beyond it’s elastic capacity, usually due to rapid expansion of the tissue underneath (e.g. pregnancy) then it it will be damaged and scar tissue forms, thereby resulting in the stretch marks that you see.

There are various medical treatments involving lasers,

scalpels (tummy tucks, specifically, can be very effective), and even concentrated radio frequency energy (see here for more information on these treatments). But today I’m going to show you a quick little home remedy you can do in 15 minutes or so as a simple short term solution that will show

immediate results, check this out and stick around afterward for some additional tips:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

My friend just recently popped out a kid (and, consequently, suffered from stretch marks on her belly as approximately 75-90% of pregnant women do) and she SWEARS by this stuff so I thought I’d pass along the tip: if you’ve got stretch marks on your belly (I suspect it’ll work elsewhere, too) then definitely check out Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter–it’s designed primarily to PREVENT stretch marks from ever occurring in the first place if you’re pregnant, and it supposedly does an excellent job of it. If you’ve already got stretch marks I’d recommend you combine the Mama Mio with something called Strevaxl that’s designed to actually treat stretch marks that are already present.

For more detailed information about stretch marks the Wikipedia page on it is very good, and you’ll note that there are various treatments for it that have been proven in scientific studies to work, including topical creams.