How to Improve Golf Swing: Improve Your Golf Swing in 10 Minutes


How to improve you golf swing with a few simple tips

I’ve got a very simple, but invaluable, tip for you and an excellent instructional video that shows you how THE “perfect” golf swing is built from the ground up: from the grip and stance all the way through to the follow-through, it’s explained to you in detail, in 8 minutes, by a renowned golf pro.

Learning a bunch of very minor details about technique that, IF you got any one of them right might improve your game by a fraction of a stroke or something, is going to do nothing but serve to confuse you and further screw up your game and cost you strokes. KISS: KEEP IT

SIMPLE, STUPID! Right? Well, here’s a simple tip for you that will not only help you improve your swing but will likely do wonders to lower your score as well–let me warn you that you may not like this, it might seem stupid, it might seem counterintuitive, but I urge you to give it a try and look at your

score after a few holes before youpass judgement–here it is:

What’s the longest club that you can hit well, consistently? 3 iron? 5 iron? 7 iron? 3 wood? Ok, whatever that is, you don’t ever hit anything longer than that. That’s it. That’s the magic secret. Yes, this means you tee off with a 7 iron if that’s the longest club you can hit well.

Think about it: how many extra strokes is teeing off with a club that you can only hit 150 or 200 yards STRAIGHT (almost every time) going to cost you versus a driver, that’s going to make you slice/hook the damned thing into the woods half that time, that will let you put the ball out to 230 or 250 or 270 or whatever? 1 extra stroke per par 5 (of which there’s only 2 or 3 over 18 holes), MAYBE 1 extra stroke on SOME of the par 4s, and of course it’ll make no difference at all on par 3s? Now, how much

does using the driver cost you considering the fact that you’re probably not even getting it on the fairway half the time or more? Getting a ball out of the woods and back onto the fairway, not to even speak of getting it from the fairway to the green after that, is going to cost you, on average, what two, three,

FIVE strokes sometimes even?! See what I mean? Try it.

Learn the perfect golf swing from the ground up in 8 minutes

Additional Resources

The Golf Channel has an AWESOME section of their website dedicated entirely to instruction (lots of videos), many of it from pros and even tour players that you watch on TV.

Golf Digest Magazine has an excellent area on their website entirely devoted to instruction with articles from the likes of Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, and Ernie Els.
is worth a look, lots of articles.

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