How to Install a Bathtub On Your Own


Today we’re going to learn how to install a bathtub and then tile the surrounding shower wall, okey-dokie? I’ve got an awesome, professionally done

video here put together by The Home Depot, plus some extra tips and common mistakes. Pipes that you will need will include the hot and cold supply lines, as well as a pipe that will lead to the shower head. You will also need a mixing valve and shower head. Also, this isn’t as hard as it might initially seem: you can have this done in a single morning, I swear.

Common Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes including violating local code restrictions (check these before you do or buy anything), attaching copper pipe to galvanized without utilizing a dielectric or brass fitting between the two (copper and zinc will react and severely corrode each other very quickly), not leveling your fixtures as you’re installing them, and forgetting to install air gaps where necessary (pay attention to the video!). That’s all I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve seen people do before, if anyone has any extra tips they’re welcome to leave them in the comments below. Now, have a look at this:

Additional Bathtub Installation Resources

An excellent book that I recommend anyone interested in learning how to do home improvement projects like this properly is: Black & Decker The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement: More Than 200 Value-adding Remodeling Projects.

This guy’s got a nice detailed article on how to go about installing a bathtub.

The Rustic Girls are here to help you with your bathtub installation (lol, like the name)