How to Iron a Shirt Properly

Just a quick and simple little how to for you here, some video instructions and some quick tips. First, the video:

  • The garment only needs to stay in the plastic bag for about 5-10 minutes after you’ve sprayed it (if necessary), not an hour like they say in the video above.
  • Use distilled water, doing so will prevent minerals in tap water from penetrating the fabric and making it stiff.
  • You can use some spray starch for extra crispness, but you should know that a heavily starched shirt can wrinkle a lot more when worn and also end up being uncomfortable as well.
  • Keep the iron moving, obviously never rest the iron face-down on the clothing.
    When you’re done ironing, you should empty the water from the iron while it’s hot.
  • This reduces the moisture that’s left in the water compartment of the iron. Also, allow the iron to cool off before you put it away (you don’t want to start a fire if the iron is stored near anything flammable).

Additional Resources

Here’s a REALLY good quality article where someone put together the step-by-step instructions along with pictures for most steps, highly recommended.