How to Juggle a Ball (well, 3 balls acutally–with video)

Learn How to Juggle 3 Balls in Under 20 Minutes–It’s Easy

Learning to juggle is kind of like learning how to solve a rubik’s cube, it looks difficult and complicated until you have someone who

already knows how to do it tell you how it’s done (rubik’s cubes are generally solved by just executing the same memorized set of moves, an algorithm if you will, that’s it–it doesn’t really require much critical thinking, just memorized recall). All you’re

doing when you juggle is throwing ONE ball up in the air…3 times…at once. I know that sounds like a bad joke and I’m messing with you, but it’s really not that much harder than throwing just one ball up in the air and catching it using the same motion you’d use with 3 balls, except with 3 balls you’re going a bit faster–but it’s the same motion! What you’ve really got to remember, and he emphasizes it in the instructional video I’ve got below, is that you must keep your eye on the ball: keep looking up! Do not look down, do not look at your hands, that’s the number one mistake that amateurs make. Do a nice smooth “flat 8” with the balls up in the air, keep it tight, don’t throw them too high, and you’ll find you can do this in 20 minutes or so. Check it:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

The instant juggler’s manual with really cool diagrams (it’s from 1993, but it’s really good)

And this guy’s got a whole set of lessons and animated gifs: Learn How to Juggle