How to Make Organic Hydroponic Tea From the Comfort of Your Own Home


There are two big trends happening in the health community right now, both of them very beneficial to both the environment and your body. These trends are organic herbal teas, and hydroponic systems. Organic teas are good for digestion, skin care, relaxation, and appetite suppression. Hydroponic gardening systems are good for your mind, body, and wallet- three things we think everyone should focus more on maintaining. A hydroponic system allows you to grow produce from your own home without the encumbrance of soil or other contaminates that can come in most soils. So, how can you combine these two health oriented crazes? By learning how to make organic hydroponic tea.

First, you will have to get your hydroponic system up and running. There are a few different kinds of hydroponic gardening systems. The most popular involve a large tank of water with floating pots in it. Other kinds include wire tubing for a drip system of sorts. Whatever you choose, follow the directions well, and you will not have any trouble maintaining the system as hydroponic systems are very easy to use, no matter which system you choose to add to your home.

Second, you need to plant and care for your herbs. Make sure to choose herbs that make the teas you are hoping for. Mint and lavender are two good herbs that are easy to grow and make excellent reviving and relaxing herbal teas. Keep these herbs growing strong.

Third, invest in some herbal harvesting tools. There is a right way and a wrong way to harvest herbs. If you want to continue making organic hydroponic tea, then you will want your herbs t mature and reproduce. This won’t happen if you cut them with the wrong tools or in the wrong places.

Fourth, if desired, you can go about drying your herbs for preservation. Some people prefer their herbal tea to be made from crushed dried herbs. Others want them stewed while fresh. Whatever your preference, if you want to preserve some of the herbs made from your hydroponic system, then you will want to dry them and store them.

Fifth, spread the word. Hydroponic raising of foods indoors is something that should really be much more popular than it is. It is healthy, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Once you have begun to enjoy your organic hydroponic tea, help others to achieve the same level of health wellness and awareness by getting them involved in something that will only do good for them.

The hardest part of how to make organic hydroponic tea is getting your system set up. After that, everything will be a breeze. The best part of that is knowing that setting up a successful hydroponic system is not at all difficult! By following the simple steps listed in this article, you should be able to enjoy a homeopathic remedy from home knowing that there are no dangerous chemicals or pesticides in your organic herbal tea because you, yourself, planted and harvested the ingredients that go into it.