How to Put On Fake Eyelashes


Got something for the girls here, why not, let’s help you make the guys go all wobbly in the knees with your eye fluttering (which as a guy who’s been on the receiving end of said eye fluttering, if you’re cute, I can tell you is very effective).

I’ve got two videos here, I wanted to include both of them for different reasons. The first one is an amateur video made by this girl who I really like because: a) she obviously knows what she’s talking about, she’s done this plenty of times before and gives you several tips that only someone with experience would

know, b) she’s very personable and good on camera, and c) she’s cute :mrgreen: . The second one is included because it’s a bit more professionally made and they give simple step-by-step instructions that someone who’s never done this before would need to hear, plus they show some

good close-ups of what they’re doing while they’re explaining it, here you go:

Also, here’s a short summary of the instructions that she did from her own video (this is written by the girl in the video above) that she’s got on the description for this video on her YouTube page, thought this might be helpful as well:

“Video explains it all 🙂
1. Apply thin layer of liquid liner
3. Curl Lashes if you like
2. Apply mascara
3. Place drop of glue on lash container (Duo Surgical Glue is best, you can get it at MAC or any drugstore)
4. Use back of tweezers to apply thin layer of glue to lash band, concentrating on the ends
5. Wait 20 seconds or so for glue to become tacky
6. Apply just above lashline, make sure ends stick
7. Use tweezer back to push lashes on and down so they are close to lashline
8. Add line of liquid liner over lashband to cover any glue and make it look seemless 🙂

**Sorry theres like a little bit of glue on the lashes midway, but the glue dries clear so you can’t even see :)**


And here’s the second one from VideoJug:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

Probably the most detailed set of instructions I managed to find.

Here’s a really nice step-by-step set of instructions with photos from

Here’s the blog of the girl in the first video, it’s nicely put together and apparently she’s a freelance make-up pro of some sort, she’s got a lot of other tutorials on her site, do have a look.


  1. omg,… i was watching this cuz i dont know how to put eyelashes on… and i would always give up but now that i know what to do… i will go for it!! thank you sOooOooOOo much! =)