How To Read A Woman’s Body Language – Flirting for Dummies


By Neal Hendes

This article is intended to educate its readers in the art of flirting with women, by reading their body language, then using the results to your advantage.

The information throughout this piece is in no particular order, which means you should be looking out for these signs and signals continuously throughout the time you are in her presence. Maybe your on a date or just out for a casual drink as “friends”.

Women send out roughly 5 times more body language signals than men, which gives us our first advantage.

If you can remember just a couple of these signs, then reading the body language of a women will become easy because they will express them often if they are interested in you.

When women play with their hair it is called preening. This can be tossing of the hair, running her fingers through her hair in a combing fashion and stroking her hair. This is the most common way a women will flirt with a man. So watch out for this sure sign.

Eating slowly will bring attention to a woman’s lips which is a great flirting move because most men find the lips very stimulating.

Physical Contact – If she touching you then this is generally a good sign and you will find that she is more than likely making excuses to touch you because she likes you a lot.

Ladies legs are a powerful tool. If she has them crossed, uncrosses them and directly crosses them in the other direction then this is a sign she is flirting.

99 % of a women’s body language will be sexual because they know men want for this and so play with them along whilst flirting.

If a woman wets her lips quite frequently, it’s either out of habit or desire to get you to pay attention to her lips and sooner or later kiss her. If however she is biting her lips then maybe you are making her feel uncomfortable.

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