How to Solder Wires Together Properly


Ok, just a quick little video here I’ve got that’ll show you how to properly solder two wires together–this is usually the first thing people want or need to do when they start soldering electronics, and it’s a basic skill you need to have, plus it’s really not quite as simple and straight forward as you would think, there’s several things you need to do to perform this job properly. Also, the video I’ve got covers the basics of soldering so that if you can do this, you should

be able to solder most small electronic components and small circuits together yourself. Once you’ve got it figured out and have done it a couple of times, it’s very easy to do this in a matter of seconds whenever you need to. You must tin the wire, and the most important tenet of soldering–always apply the

heat on the element you’re soldering, not the solder itself–are absolutely essential, and he shows you exactly how to do it:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

Here’s a really good basic guide on how to solder, specifically he shows how to solder small components to a circuit board.

Here’s an extremely detailed, but excellent, guide on how to solder in general from, they’ve also got a PDF you can download (but you have to join).