How To Start a Doggie Day Care: Doggie DayCare Start-Up Tips

How To Start a Doggie Day Care On A Shoestring Budget

By Lamar Dean

Most everyone at one time or another has dreamed or thought about owning
their own business; being their own boss; setting their

own schedule. Most legitimate or franchise businesses take a lot of capital to start with and
these get rich opportunities are nothing more than throwing your money down a black hole.

Most everyone has a passion and love for animals and most everyone has some
type of animal for a pet. In today’s society where two-income families have
become the norm and young professionals delaying marriage and/or children,
many own pet’s and taking better care of them than ever before. This is a
great opportunity for you to tap into this growing market and start a pet
sitting service business.

Why not take your love for animals and turn it into a profitable business.
With over 120 million dogs and cats in the United States there is a hugh
market for this type of service. This number doesn’t include other types of
pets such as fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, birds, ferrets, rabbits and
other pets that require care and attention.

As a pet sitter you’re your own boss. With being a pet sitter comes
independence and pride in being your own boss. No time clock to punch; no
boss looking over your shoulder. You decide when and where to work. Having a
business will not only give

you a sense of confidence but the self-satisfaction you’ll receive in your abilities to run a business.
Most pet owners will be more than happy to pay for this service if they know their pets are well cared for while they are away.

You can either start out on a part-time basis, full-time basis or only
occasionally. You can generate additional income with either of these options.
In the past when pet owners had to be away they either had to leave their
pets at unfamiliar kennels or impose on a friend or neighbor to care for them.

With a pet sitting service you can provide them with the best alternative in
caring for their pets in their own environment enabling the pet owners to
travel and knowing their pets are in good hands. People don’t mind paying for
a good service that allows them to be worry-free when away from home.
Unlike many other business opportunities, pet sitting can be started with
limited cost. It is not necessary to spend a lot in starting a pet sitting
service. There’s no inventory and a small investment.

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