How To Start A Restaurant: Tips on Running the Kitchen


How To Start A Restaurant: Tips On How To Run A Restaurant Kitchen

By Yoga Priyakara

Ever wondered what makes a restaurant a rollicking hit with customers? Is it about the gastronomical delights on that spicy menu created with passion and served with tremendous verve?

Or does the secret lie in the ambience of the place? What about that tantalizing signature dish? Actually, the ingredients that ensure the roaring success of this sumptuous enterprise lie elsewhere – in the kitchen.

Needless to add, it’s the heart and soul of the restaurant.

Espirit De Corps At Its Best

It doesn’t take too long for a long cherished dream of dishing out delectable delights to turn into a nightmare of sorts. If you’re in a soup, and wondering how to run a restaurant kitchen, remember that the success of this venture depends solely on the staff- on their expertise, discipline, motivation, and above all, leadership.

It might sound like we’re operating a military camp here, but the kitchen too must have an atmosphere that galvanizes each member of the team to give his best while creating an incredible menu.

Advice From The Experts

Here’s the perfect recipe for a successful restaurant kitchen:

  • Dishwasher: It’s hard to relish a simply heavenly gourmet meal in an invidiously stained platter or worse, with dirty forks and spoons. The purely physical job of washing dishes is really thankless, but it’s also the most important one in the kitchen. Motivation is the key while dealing with the staff involved in this clearly unattractive task. Most chefs have, in fact, made it big from the washing area. Speedy promotions can make all the difference in the employer’s attitude.

  • Preparation cooks: The foundation of the kitchen is based on the manner in which the food is prepared. So the people that are involved in this spade work require more than a standing ovation. From chopping cabbage to making soups and kneading dough, they are always in the thick of things. Make sure they have thorough knowledge of everything, from the store to the operation of the grill and fryer.

  • Line cooks: They get into the act at different cooking stations that use a plethora of cooking techniques. Line cooks are jacks of all trades, and must master all of them quickly. Training them on all sections is essential. Also, all line cooks must work in tandem in a pre-ordained manner.

  • Sous chef: He calls the shots when the head chef is not around. Despite being a chef under the wings of the boss, he can still train the rookies. Apart from getting his creative juices flowing, he must plunge headlong into functional aspects like ordering and costing of food, management of stocks etc.

  • Head chef: He should inspire a great deal of confidence in the other members of the team. With his boundless energy, even a lackluster menu can come alive.

  • Kitchen manager: Responsible for the efficient functioning of the kitchen, he’s more concerned with managing the staff rather than the menu. Make sure he remains focused on promoting productivity and efficiency.

With such remarkable ingredients in place in the kitchen, it’s only a matter of time before your restaurant scales dizzying heights.

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