How to Tie a Turban Properly

The turban is a headdress that consists of a long single piece of cloth, almost like a scarf, that you wind around your head. The word “turban” is

a common umbrella term, that we use very loosely in English to refer to several sorts of different headwear from the Middle East and South Asia. Now, in most Western countries like the U.K. and United States, men wearing turbans in public are most likely Sikhs, whose religion requires them to not only not ever cut their hair, but also to keep it covered at

all times. What I’ve got here is just a short video of a Sikh man showing you one of the simplest ways possible to tie or wrap a turban properly, also if you’re a woman this is a great method in which to wrap a towel around your head after a shower so that it will stay put for as long as you like, have a look:

Additional Resources and Information

Here’s an excellent and very comprehensive site specifically for Sikhs that shows you a bunch of different ways of tying a turban.