How To Travel Safely Anywhere You Go


By Tom Tessin

Being an American, I love to take trips from time to time and I’m sure you that you like to do the same as well. Just because you’re taking a vacation doesn’t mean you’re going to be safe.

When we think of vacation, we think of the things we are getting away from such as a job and all the stress but we have to remember that no matter where we go in life, there’s always going to be trouble. Today, I’m going to give you a few safety tips so that you can be assured that you’re safe on your trip.

Never put your address on your luggage

Like myself, I’m sure you’re going to be travelling with luggage. Along with this luggage, there’s probably going to be a luggage tag. On this tag, you’re only going to want to put your name and phone number. This way, if someone is going to return it, they can call for information.

The reason you won’t want to put your full address on it is because if the thief finds something worth of value, they may think there’s more at your home. It’s always a safe bet just to leave your first and last name.

Keep your luggage clean

When I say keep your luggage clean, I’m referring to important documents. Your luggage should only contain things you can afford to lose like clothing. Never place valuables in your luggage such as your credit cards, passports, important documents, etc. As I mentioned in the last tip, if someone steals this, they can have access to all of your information.

Don’t be flashy

Some travelers love to show off their money and a lot of them show it off but deep down, they’re thousands in debt. IF a crook sees that you’re wearing flash jewelry, they may want to stalk you and you may find yourself in an unfamiliar area you don’t want to be in. When it comes to travelling, don’t be flashy, nobody cares what you look like and how much money you don’t have. You’re just another traveler in an airport. Just think to yourself, “How many people do you really check out for their style?”

Clean out the wallet

Before you go on your next trip, try and clean out your wallet. Experts say that’s it’s important that you don’t load up on too many credit cards and documents. Try to keep these things at home locked up in a home safe. It’s always best to bring at least one credit card. When you do bring one credit card, make sure that you note the phone number so that if it does get stolen, you can call and cancel ASAP.

There are so many tips I can list when it comes to travelling and safety. It’s up to you to use your best judgment. The main thing to remember is to not be flashy and not bring things that are of value. Bring things that you can afford to lose! If you can follow this concept, you’ll be the safest traveler around!

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