How to Use Woodworking Plans

By Ray L. Walberg

You may have always dreamed of creating a wonderful wooden project. Maybe you want to build a nice bed frame with storage or a bookshelf to hold your favorite books.

Whatever you plan on making out of wood, you have to have a good plan. Woodworking projects are always much easier if you plan them out and make patterns. They will look more professional this way.

The Making of a Plan

To get started with your plan you need some essential elements. You will need to list supplies, make time estimates and list the steps in the project. Your plan will allow you to evaluate your project and make sure you have the time, money and skill to do it. You will also need patterns.

You can make your own, find them online or buy them in a store. Patterns will teach you and guide you in making things. They will offer suggestions of what supplies to use and give you an idea of extra things you may need, like hinges and knobs.

Your tool list is going to ensure you have all the tools you will so when you get started you are not looking around for a tool or, worse, having to stop and go buy a tool. Your plan should also have measurements. It will make your actual project go smoother and quicker because all you will do is refer to the plan for the proper measurements.

Reading Ready Made Plans

If you are using a ready made plan, then you need to know how to read it. Most are designed to be easy to read and understand. They often include pictures as guides which are very easy to understand. Written instructions usually come in various languages. Plans are as easy to understand as toy instructions, so if you have ever put a toy together then you can read a plan.


Plans will also include the final picture. Seeing the final product can be a great way to make sure you have done everything correctly. It will also give you ideas on the finishing touches you can do like painting and finding. You will also be able to tell if this project is really what you had in mind. For more creative woodworkers, it can also give you the chance to think about how you can add your own personal touch to the project. A plan should be able to take you from start to finish easily.

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