How to Water With Expanded Clay Hydroponics Systems


Expanded clay hydroponic pellets are a fun way to experiment with the hydroponics trend in gardening. While the expanded clay pellets are not like the traditional hydroponics gardening systems, they still fit in that classification as they allow you to garden and reap a harvest without using soil. Cutting the soil step out of your horticultural activities has many benefits.

Expanded clay hydroponics pellets hold water within them, and this water is released to the plant roots slowly throughout the day. It sounds easy, and in all reality, it is very easy. However, there are some tips you should know before investing in expanded clay hydroponics systems.

Here are some tips on how to water with expanded clay hydroponics pellets:

  • Wash your expanded clay pellets after each crop is harvested. Before you plant a new crop using your expanded slay hydroponics pellets, make sure you wash them to rid them of any contaminates. The sterile environment is one of the biggest reasons to pursue soilless gardening, so make sure you avoid this risk by washing the pellets after each use using a water and bleach solution, and allowing them to dry completely before placing them with new seedlings.
  • Do not overwater. This is a risk with hydroponic expanded pellets that you won’t find with other forms of hydroponic gardening. If you over-saturate the expanded clay pellets, then you could introduce problems in the roots like mold and other contaminates. The pellets should be moist to the touch, but not visibly dripping.
  • Do not let the pellets get too dry. While trying to avoid the over-watering problem, make sure you don’t hit the other extreme. Your plants do not have soil to give them the nutrients that they need, so the pellets need to be constantly providing them with the oxidized water that they will depend on.
  • Use the proper amount for the plants you choose. Some plants will need more pellets than others, and some will probably need more pellets as they get bigger. Follow the instructions listed on the package of expanded clay pellets that you get to ensure that you have the proper amount of pellets for your plants. Having too many probably won’t be much of a problem, but not having enough could cause significant delays in the growth of your plants.

Using expanded clay hydroponics pellets is very simple and easy, and as long as you heed these simple steps on how to water with expanded clay hydroponics systems, you will see just how easy it is to have a successful crop of plants even without the soil that most plants use.

Of all the hydroponics systems, the expanded clay pellets make take some trial and error, but once you get into the ebb and flow of things, it will come easily. If you start to get frustrated, keep in mind that this is a very environmentally way to garden as not only are you making the world more green, but the pellets are re-usable!