How To Weave Hair

You have heard of basket weaving and loom weaving and such, but hair weaving is the new big thing in fashion.

Hair weaving is the key to beauty for many women, and a nice chunk of men as well, who want great hair and have to combat their own faulty genes to accomplish that.

This means that there is a new and sizable portion of the fashion industry getting paid to weave hair.

That is why you are here, we are sure.  You want to know how to weave hair so you can join in that money making fashion trend.

How very wise of you!  We are here to answer your plea- here are some basic steps on how to sew in a hair weave:

  1. Wash the Hair:  Most weaves don’t take kindly to soap and water and tend to fray and fall out after much washing.  This means if you want to know how to do a sew in weave with hair out, you must wash that hair first so you have a clean canvas, and you won’t have the need to wash the weave too much after it is in.
  2. Pin up the Hiding Hair: Choose the portions of hair you want to use to hide the weave lines, and pin them up.  This is a big part of how to sew in weave hair.
  3. Put Remaining Hair in Corn Rows: These braids will be used as the anchor spots to sew the weave to.  If you are wondering how to braid hair for sew in weave, then you should take a peek at some of our other articles on that very subject.
  4. Sew the Weave to the Braids:  This will be done horizontally.  If you have asked someone else how to sew weave in hair and they have suggested vertical lines, do not listen.  That way allows you to make more mileage from the weave, but it looks tacky and fake.  If you want to know how to sew in hair weave right, then do it horizontally.
  5. Let the Hiding Hair Loose: Once the weave is sewn in, let down the clipped portion of the real hair and begin smoothing and styling it in the best way to hide the weave lines.  The goal here is to make it look natural, so be sure and work over and trouble areas.
  6. Cut Weaves: Now you can style up your new hair however you want.  Get the cut and style you were looking for, and be sure and tell your client how to get their results on their own later.

Now you have the basic steps on how to weave hair.  Whether you want to know how to weave in black hair or any other color, you know the general idea of what to do and how to do it.

The concept is simple, and most of the skills to do this are as well, but it takes time and patience and a knowing and fashionable eye.

How To Sew Weave In Hair Instructions