How to Wheelie a Motorcycle

How to do a wheelie on a motorcycle

In motorcycle acrobatics, the way a wheelie works is the front wheel comes off the ground due to extreme torque being applied to the rear wheel. On more powerful motorcycles, such as those above 500 cc, the way you get the front wheel up is by accelerating, but on smaller bikes you might need to use the clutch and/or “bouncing” the forks (using the rider’s weight to compress the front suspension, so that the recoil will help lift the front wheel on accelerating).

The number one thing to remember when doing a wheelie is

to go off of the noise and feel of the engine, not by what the tachometer says–you should be paying complete attention to the road, not your instruments when you do this. I’ve got an awesome video here, about 9 minutes long, that takes you from the very basics and assumes you’ve got no idea what you’re doing, shows you 2

different ways to wheelie a motorcycle, starting with the safest way, and then goes on to show you some cool tricks you can do once you’ve got that mastered:

Additional Resources –

Here’s an awesome article that goes into great detail about properly doing a wheelie called ‘Wheelies Explained’.

Read some useful Motorcycle safety tips. These will come handy while trying wheelie like adventures.