How to Whiten Teeth at Home for Under $10 AND It’s Identical to the Procedure Used by Dentists

What I’ve got here is going to be really valuable to you if you want to whiten your teeth but don’t want to go to the trouble of making a

dentist appointment and paying them $200 or more: this girl in the video below worked as an assistant in a dentist’s office for several months and figured out a way to do the exact same procedure they charged several hundred dollars for at home for less than ten bucks, I’m not

kidding–the key is that the chemicals they use are available over-the-counter in the U.S., and that plus a sneaky little trick to making the molds the dentist uses out of plastic mouth guards usually used by football players and voila: professional quality white-‘n-shiny teeth 😀 . Have a look:

Ok, a couple of things: you might get a bit of sensitivity, like she said, and if so just quit for a couple of days and then come back to it. What’s happening is that the peroxide is temporarily inflaming the nerve of

the tooth, and as soon as you stop using it then the sensitivity should quickly subside, plus you build up a tolerance to it so it eventually goes away on it’s own if you keep using the whitener. Also: this method of whitening works better on younger people than older, and better on yellow stains

than brown or grey–peroxide is specifically designed for, and great at, clearing up stains caused by food, coffee, wine, and tobacco. Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline can cause your teeth to stain, peroxide will not help with this (sorry, you’ll need to go see the dentist, they do have ways of dealing with this). Also, if the peroxide comes into contact with your gums or skin while you’re handling it then it can temporarily bleach them white–don’t worry, this is a very mild and temporary chemical burn, it’ll go away of its own accord.

Additional Resources and Further Reading

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