Installing the Proper AC in a Hydroponic Grow Room


Anyone who has ventured into the very popular realm of hydroponic gardening has discovered that ventilation a surprisingly huge part of the system.

Know the right way to install and run and AC unit used for ventilation in a hydroponic grow room can be a tricky thing, but here are some guidelines you can follow to help you along.

Consider the size of the hydroponic grow room. Clearly, a smaller room will call for a smaller AC unit. How much AC for grow room dimensions will depend on the amount of space you need ventilated. Before going AC shopping, it would be good to measure the entire grow room and find out how much space you will need to be moving air through.

Think about using multiple units. How much AC for grow room can be hard to gage with just one unit. If you have a large room to work with, or if your hydroponic grow room is in a funny shape that wouldn’t allow air flow from one end to the other with one single source of air movement, then you might want to consider purchasing more than one AC unit for your hydroponic grow room.

Utilize your windows. If you want your hydroponic grow room to be a success, then it is very important that you get the right AC unit. However, you might not have to get one as heavy duty as you think if you have a good set up with the windows in the room you have chosen. Air flow can be greatly aided in a grow room by simple cracking some windows in the right places. How much AC for a hydroponic grow room will be greatly diminished if you can harness the use of outside air through the cracking of some windows. This works best when you crack a window and then place your AC Unit on the other end of the room. This allows air flow from one side to the other.

Monitor the temperature in the room. You want to keep the ambient temperature in your hydroponic grow room around 65 degrees. Getting it hotter than this can cause the water to harm the seeds in your soil free system. Any cooler, and there will not be enough heat to produce well. The AC units in your hydroponic grow room are there to move the air around, but make sure that they are not creating a temperature that is hard to maintain or that would be dangerous for your crops.

There are no hard and fast rules for how much AC for grow room because there are so many different kinds of AC units and the dimensions of each room.

By taking into account the different guidelines and things to consider in this article, you will be able to make the right decision for your specific hysroponic gardening set up.