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Are YOU suffering from man boobs or excess chest fat?
Are your mail breasts killing your self confidence and embarrassing you?

“EXPOSED: The EASY Method To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs… Ending Your Public Humiliation Forever!”

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m just SICK and tired over
BAD rehashed advice from guys claiming they know what they’re talking about. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show exactly how you can melt away your man boobs and get a more manly chest
in weeks

“After years of struggling… It took only 3 weeks!”

Male Boobs beforemale boobs after

“Hi Cliff,

You Rock!! After years of struggling with my male boobs, going crazily at the gym and eating like a bird, it took only 3 WEEKS to flatten my chest with your program! Rock hard chest baby!! You can crack an egg on it now, well not that I’ve tried

I know it’s really designed for guys with bigger chests than me, but hey, it worked for me.

I’ll send you more pictures in a couple of weeks!!

Thanks for this awesome program”?

From: Cliff Manchaster

Miami, FL

10th December, 2014

Cliff Manchaster



y name is Cliff Manchaster and I’m going to show you how to lose man boobs,

quickly and painlessly.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was desperately trying everything under the sun to get rid of my man boobs. Diets, exercises, drugs, Q&A boards…Safe or dangerous, you name it. I’ve most likely tried it.

The condition destroyed my self image whenever I was around people, especially when I had to take my shirt off. Heck, I even gave up on activities like swimming because I felt so ashamed. Summer was obviously my least favorite season.

Friends and family would even laugh and ridicule my male boobs… I couldn’t really blame them though, because I just laughed it off and they never knew it was really tearingme up inside.

I hated it because it seemed like nobody else I knew was experiencing this. It felt like I was cursed. I could not seem to get rid of these man boobs no matter what I did!

Every weight loss routine recommended by personal trainers and “fitness experts” just accentuated the problem and made it worse. It was just ridiculous!

“Simply Nothing Seemed To Work!”

It was a very frustrating experience for most of my adult life because my doctor had
told me that I’d lose them after puberty. Fast forward over 15 years later and nothing
had changed.
As a matter of fact, my self esteem only got worse over time…I always felt people were laughing about my man boobs behind my back. I just hated how others could freely go about their lives wearing whatever they felt like. It robbed me of my masculinity. It robbed me of my self image.I couldn’t even stand drawing attention to myself. I hunched over as a habit and I wore big bulky sweaters even if it was a hot day at times.

“I was not laughing. It was sadly pathetic…”

A few years ago, I almost considered surgery. I was quoted $5,200 not including all the prescriptions. Ouch! Most insurance companies wouldn’t even cover this type of surgery since it was “cosmetic”.

Besides the cost… Who wants to wear an uncomfortable “compression vest” for weeks during a painful recovery time anyway? Who really wants to risk permanent ugly scars over disproportionate chest even if the surgery was successful?

Now this may seem like a slight paranoia, but if you’re anything like me, I didn’t like thinking about that kind of risk done to my body. This was serious.

“I told myself that I’d do ANYTHING
to avoid this surgery.”

When I was about 18, my doctor had actually told me my man boobs would go away as I got older…

Unfortunately for me it wasn’t as easier as that, but it was actually good in a way… remembering his words gave me hope to find a solution to naturally get rid of man

boobs. I figured, if a doctor had told me my body could get rid of man boobs naturally, there must be something I could do to make this happen for me…

“I took that glimpse of hope and ran with it…”

My man boobs hadn’t disappeared when I got older. Luckily, I had read that almost all man boob cases are caused by non-genetic factors. That alone gave me the drive to do some more research… if male boobs just disappeared in most guys like my doctor had said, I was sure something could be done for me!

I grilled countless weight loss experts and endocrinologists (these guys specialize in hormones in the body) and scoured the libraries and studies on guys with man boobs. People all recommended different things and I came to realize who really practiced

what they preached and who didn’t.

Then, by some freak chance… I accidentally stumbled upon exactly what I needed to

make all the pieces of the puzzle come together…

I found out that losing man boobs is all about balancing hormones, not just

weight loss, like everyone was preaching to me at the time. You see, there are some important hormones actually peak and some that reduce when you hit your twenties.

“That’s why some guys naturally lose
their man boobs without doing anything!”

That was the biggest breakthrough and everything seemed to fall into place from that point on. I knew if the body could naturally balance the hormones necessary to get rid of man boobs, I could just develop a method to do just that for myself.
I discovered some unique techniques and even developed a few all-natural ones of my own. I tested all kinds of new stuff, filtered out what didn’t work and just kept what did.
After 3 and a half months of frustrating yet desperate faith, I actually achieved

what I thought was impossible.

Yes, my man boobs was reduced to a normal range.

Surprisingly, I looked back and realized … When you break it down, it was not hard at all!

It all started to make sense… During puberty, hormones are all out of whack… And then once you reach your 20s, BOOM! It suddenly peaks. Here’s one of the graphs I found from a key study on hormones:

Gynecomastia Testostorone graph

This could be why man boobs is most common in teens and older men. The usual doctor’s prescription for teens with man boobs is to just wait as it usually goes once they hit their 20s. Do you see why? Sky high testosterone levels!!! While also, boosting and suppressing some other important hormones…

Now this graph is for normal males. But sometimes, testosterone doesn’t peak… or it peaks and then drops off. So some of these guys develop man boobs. Now this is just one part of the whole picture and as steroid users know, pumping your body with testosterone WILL likely give you man boobs pretty quickly.

But do you think if you could duplicate what’s going on in the body for a normal 20 year old, you could finally lose man boobs?

This is one of the main reasons guys around the world are struggling with man boobs just like I was… and all the exercising and dieting you do won’t help, unless you address this first…

“Let me guide you to reducing your man boobs completely naturally so you will never feel self-conscious about your body again!”

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Have you had man boobs since youth and still can’t get rid of it?
list arrow
Feel like it’s too late of an age (55+) to lose them? Hardly.
list arrow
Your man boobs look alright when you’re cold… But stick out
every other time?
list arrow
Have you been told by a “fitness guru” that you only need to trim
down and lose fat? Stay out of this trap!
list arrow
Thinking the only way out is costly surgery? Think again.
list arrow
Hate working out and low calorie diets? There are far easier
more effective methods
list arrow
No amount of aerobic exercise seems to reduce your chest?
list arrow
Working out has made the problem even worse?
list arrow
Everywhere else looks OK, but just the mounds on your chest
won’t budge?
list arrow
Worried if the food you’re eating right now is making your male breasts worse?
list arrow
Doubtful that those gimmicky herbs or pills will ever really work?


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Chest Coach System - To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

The Chest Coach System
Was Designed For YOU

Because YOU want to take your shirt off in public and never worry what people are thinking again… how great would it be to confidently go to the beach?

Because YOU want to finally “fit in” and be free of feeling self-conscious about your body…

Because YOU want to free yourself of the public ridicule, that you usually just

laugh off… but is really tearing you up inside…

Today Is The Day Everything Changes…

You see, I know what you’ve been through, I’ve been there before so I know what’s it’s like. So I’ve wrapped up my little known discoveries on how to get a flat chest into a blueprint you can follow, which is now called the The Chest Coach System.

“That’s great Cliff, it probably worked for you… But I’m still rather skeptical. Show me PROOF that this stuff actually works for guys like me!”

Raw, un-edited testimonials from happy members of Chest Coach System:
“Amazed at his progress…”
“I got your chest coach system for my brother who was always depressed about his physique. He stuck with it for a few weeks and he’s already a different man- both inside and out! He shed major pounds both on his chest and belly. Our whole family was amazed at his progress Thank you so much!”
– Diana Carr
Utah, USA

Click to listen to what James thought
of the Chest Coach System

“Absolutely incredible strategies Cliff…I look great, friends say I look great …. I recommend this to anybody who’s looking to work on their chest [fat] and get their physique back…”

– James Donalay,
Michigan, USA

My doctor told me it was only solvable by… surgery. I’m glad he was wrong”

“Hi Cliff,Wow. just wow …. these methods actually work and I’ve tried only about half of the system! I really like it because it’s safe and extremely easy to do.

My doctor told me it was only solvable by lipo or tissue reduction surgery. I’m glad he was wrong! This week, I’m progressing to the Iron Squeeze method and I’ll update you on how that’s doing for me.”

– Justin

“I Wish I Knew What
You’re Teaching Years Ago”


“Hey Cliff!

This is really great! My chest has gotten to the point of firmness in just over a month….I wish I knew what you’re teaching years ago.”

– Jon Fenmore

“Changed my life in many more ways than I thought it could…”

“Cliff,I just want to thank-you again for your program. It has changed my life in many more ways than I thought it could. It took me just under 8 weeks to reduce my [man boobs] using your guide…

I got quite a good [job] promotion last week, and I have to admit your chest coach system played a part in me getting this because of my new found self confidence.

By the way, I love the way you write and how everything is short, easy to understand and to the point. Ever thought of writing some other guides?

Thanks again,”

– Matt Johnson
Sydney, Australia

(Please Note: individual results may vary)
We’ll guide you step-by-step like a coach, through
the entire process:
list check image
The 5 steps to minimizing hormone altering chemicals you’re being exposed to. This is the single biggest reason you have man boobs and
we’ve compiled a search-able database for members.
list check image
How to eat so that you are automatically cutting down your chest fat. Before you know it, you’ll be able to take off your shirt in public
without unease.
list check image
3 FATAL MISTAKES that make the male breast condition even worse.You will see that 95% of sufferers always make one of these mistakes.
list check image
“Just do more push-ups?” …. Yeah right. Try this “Iron Squeeze” exercisethat is specially meant to shape your chest.
list check image
How to safely and naturally put your testosterone levels through the roofwhile minimizing the extra estrogen that’s usually produced so you’ll actuallybe losing your man boobs while you sleep.
list check image
The blueprint of how to use hydration for an efficient endocrine system helping you tighten up your chest faster.
list check image
The one thing you expose yourself to each day, that’s killing your testosterone production as you read this! This is a quick fix that you’ll be glad to be more knowledgeable about.
list check image
How you’ve been lied to by governments and the health industry which made you avoid these 2 important types of foods – Your body currently CRAVES these to produce more good male hormones.
list check image
The 4 myths about food you’ve been drilled into from young – I finallyset the record straight, with the research to back it up!
list check image
Feel one POWERFUL nerve point that will literally control your pan style=”font-family: Arial;”>brain’s trigger to wanting to eat the “wrong” foods. Astonishing secrets found only in the detailed study of Chinese acupressure.
list check image
See 2 ancient exercise forms used for centuries to ensure fit body shapes and looks. You have to try this to believe…
list check image
How to control male hormone secreting by avoiding the 8 hour sleep myth and lose those male boobs quicker! I was even surprised by this one.
list check image
Why oxygen is so important for your hormones and the 15 second exercise to make sure your endocrine system gets it’s fill.
list check image
WHEN exactly to eat something to maximize your progress. This is one of the most KEY elements to see real results in DAYS!
list check image
The one ingredient in a special type of food that you must consume at least 3 times a week to prevent your testosterone turning into estrogen. Best of all, this type of food is natural, cheap and widely available!
list check image
The simple 6 minutes of exercise that you NEED to do each day to
maximize chest sculpting…. This has nothing to do with chest exercises!
list check image
Amazing & safe methods to help entire your body stay in this optimal shape for life. What good is all the work unless it’s permanent right?
list check image
The CRUCIAL things you need to do every single day that will make or break you. It took me years to figure this key out, you DON’T have to
waste this time – This is all laid out in the Chest Coach Blueprint.

Chest Coach blueprint

No one, and I mean NO ONE anywhere around the world has made a dedicated program on how to lose man boobs, as thorough as the Chest Coach System. That’s because we’ve been working with thousands of members from over 35
countries to cater to EVERY possible situation.We have worked long and hard to get the highly acclaimed Honest E-Online seal of approval:

HONESTe Online Member Seal
This means you are assured that you are dealing with a reputable website.
You can click it to verify our status.
With the Chest Coach System, you will see noticeable results in DAYS. Even
if your problem is not so bad, you have no idea how better you can make your
chest feel and look!

Let’s get started… and remember, once you are a member, you’ll get the

step-by-step process to reduce your man boobs that has helped thousands of guys… who had started out exactly where you are now.

Chest Coach System product image

How The Chest Coach System Will
Save You Time, Money & Frustration

The Chest Coach System is like no other simply because it was built on mypersonal experience and with working with thousands of guys from around the world. Lately, many websites have popped up with wild claims basically saying they’ve copied our system.

Don’t waste your time, energy and money on inferior systems. It does take time and effort to get rid of your male boobs… But I’ve seen it first hand where members come in already disheartened and frustrated following losing man boobs guides that read just like fitness articles slapped together, promising unrealistic results.

We get customers EVERY WEEK who sadly have fallen for these empty promisesand unfortunately they have to spend more money becoming a member of our program as well.

The Chest Coach System Contains: (Updated For 2014)
Losing Man Boobs membership
The Chest Coach System membership for losing
man boobs naturally:
Here you’ll find all the membership content, which you can
login and use anytime.
Chest Coach System Manual

The 2014 Official Chest Coach Manual:
A complete step-by-step instruction on how to lose man boobs for good. This manual includes the step-by-step system for any body shape or size.

This instantly download-able manual has powerful and detailed instructions for you no matter your size or how old you are.

Chest Coach System Audio MP3 guide

These are the three core sections of the Chest Coach Systemin mp3 format so you can download and listen on your computer, Mac, iPod, iPhone or any other audio device.

Many members would agree that learning is easier when you combine listening and reading together. These audio sets make it easier for you to absorb all the information in the Chest Coach Systemand implement these techniques.


As a bonus, I’ve made an exclusive arrangements to give you access to…


Chest Coach Blueprint coverEXCLUSIVE BONUS 1:Chest Coach Blueprint($19.95 value)

The key to success with the Chest Coach Systemisimplementation and theChest Coach Blueprintgives you adaily plan of a typical weekto show you what you need to do when.

With normal health programs, people usually find it difficult converting chapters into an action plan. But you don’t have to as this is already done for you!

Hormone altering chemicals cover

EXCLUSIVE BONUS 2:5 Steps To Minimizing Hormone Altering Chemicals

Members have been asking about minimize different hormone altering chemicals as this is one of biggest reasons you have man boobs right now. Minimizing exposure to these chemicalsis usually long and difficult, but with this guide it’s asimple 5 step process pointing you in the right direction to replace problem products.

Chest Coach Speed Meals coverEXCLUSIVE BONUS 3:Chest Coach Speed Meals($19.95 value)

The majority questions we get from members is about eating. Let’s face it, food is the hard part of any health program – but it’s the single most important part!

This short guide is all about making quick & easy meals.No, it’s not a cookbook… but it will show you how to use simple supermarket foods to make it really easy to&prepare tasty,Chest Coach approved meals in a snap. Having this on hand makes the Chest Coach eating plan easier to follow than falling off a log!


Lessons From The Miracle Doctors Guide

LIMITED TIME BONUS 4:Lessons From Th Miracle DoctorsGuide ($19.95 value)

This is the guide that help me make the initial breakthroughs in developing the Chest Coach System. It has specific lessons on balancing your hormones (key to getting rid of man boobs) that you could only get from a specialist doctor who actually knows what they’re talking about.

I didn’t produce this guide, so I can only give away a limited number of copies for free. But if you order theChest Coach System today, you’ll get a free copy on me.
Hormone Altering Chemicals Database coverEXCLUSIVE BONUS 5:Access to our Hormone Altering Chemicals Database ($29.95 value)

As you’ll find out in the Chest Coach Systembiggest contributor to man boobs is the growing exposure to hormone altering chemicals. Unfortunately,with over 100,000 of these chemicals, it’s difficult to trackthem down and minimize exposure.

This database is a catalogue of the most common hormone altering chemicals and it’s the quickest and easiest way to track down chemicals you want to avoid. Compiled by our team just for members – there’s nothing like this anywhere!


Chest Coach logo

And don’t worry, this is not some 400 page gorilla of a program… In fact it’s actually prettyconcise and to the point… Filled with gems of useful strategies and actionplans for EACH and every chapter.

Let me put it this way: If I included a 12 hour audio bonus with this package… would you ever listen to it? Probably not. If I gave you a clunky 3-ring binder filled with 800 pages, would you read it? It’s highly unlikely.

And I don’t want that. Because I really want you to use this system. So I took the big honkin’ piles of content, got out my red pen and drilled down deep to get the key points and key action steps you need.

There are also another 2 secret bonuses provided to members help you implement theChest Coach System and lose you man boobs easier!

The Chest Coach System Will Walk You Through Losing Man Boobs Like a Coach at Your Side!
guarantee seal
Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I know how you might feel trying something totally new… heck I’d even be pretty skeptical if I found this website a few years ago.

So take up to 8 FULL WEEKS to try the Chest Coach System. Just treat it like a trial and see how you go. You will see REAL results within the first week!

Please do not procrastinate the moment you join. If you follow this step-by-step and persist with the program, you WILL lose your man boobsand will never have to worry about it again.

If within the 8 weeks, your friends and family aren’t accusing you of having drastic costly surgery because of how good you look… then please let me know, and I’ll promptly REFUND EVERY RED CENT… no questions asked, no quibble, no hard feelings.

I’ll even let you keep the $184.85 worth of bonuses just for trying it out.

You See, I Only Want 100% Satisfied Members

HONESTe Online Member Seal

At this point you might be asking…

“Cliff, what if I can’t afford this?”

To be dead honest, I think this is the mark of someone who already gives himself excuses to not try. NO RISK-NO REWARD…

When I was trying to figure this out, I LITERALLY bought every single resource out there even remotely related to ending this problem. I was VERY SERIOUS about getting rid of my moobs as soon as possible. I wasted thousands of dollars on stuff that just doesn’t work…

“Yes, I’m honestly EMBARRASSED to reveal ALL of
this about myself… but it was the harsh reality.”

You fortunately don’t need to go through all that crap or waste all that time… because this is really a fraction of the cost of ANY other alternative… but it’s quicker, easier… and it has been PROVEN to help you lose man boobs!!

Forget the price for a moment, focus solely on your own future and what you truly want. Worse comes to worse, you email me and get the promised refund. No hard feelings.But I can bet my money that you’ll love these results.

Simply ask yourself:

“Isn’t Your Own Masculine Self Image
Worth Giving Yourself This Chance?”

People pay THOUSANDSfor surgery to reduce male breasts, and you don’t have to be one of them! I’m not a professional consultant or anyone to charge exorbitant fees.When you compare all your options, theChest Coach System is actually quite CHEAP for the life changing results members are getting.

“I’m following your program religiously. and it is showing a great impact”

“hi cliff.

what can i say about u. u r just like god to me. i dont have words for u . u supported me when i need someone . i m following your program religiously. and it is showing a gr8 impact.

once again .thaks a lot. i want to tell u that i m going to get my job by june.

– Harinder

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TheChest Coach System

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The entireChest Coach System usually costs only $129.95, and yes, that’s a one-time fee. That $129.95 gets you the entireChest Coach SystemPackage including all the audio series, manuals, the $184.85 worth of bonuses.

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If you (or someone you know) is rich enough to afford the $5,000-$7,000 fee forman boobs surgery…then congratulations to you! Very few people actually have the money, insurance or pain tolerance to endure the surgery. My hat is off to you! But…

…if you want to get a normal looking chest, without risking scars and the usual dangers of surgery… and want to get real results you can see in the weeks ahead… then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. I’m going to show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it – so you can claim your life back.

To your new body, confidence and success,

Cliff Manchaster signature
Cliff Manchaster
“The Chest Coach
Author of The Chest Coach System

P.S. Let me ask you – 4 weeks from now… how can your life be different?

Will you still be walking around still self-conscious or will you be having the time of your life in the bedroom, at the beach, and at parties more confident in your body.

You don’t have to suffer anymore. Try the Chest Coach System completely risk free.If you still have man boobs, you’re unsatisfied with my product, heck even if you never end up going through the system… you can get every penny of your money back.No questions asked!

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