Top 5 Myths About Relationship Compatibility


By Alexander Stern

Although I really don’t want to offend anyone, but there are some sayings regarding relationship compatibility, that can cause people trouble if left alone and not handled.

Let’s start from a list of them:

1. Stars alone can predict a couple compatibility

So let’s just make a chart and immediately decide,

if we can succeed as a couple or not. I’m surely not an expert in astrology, but I prefer a much more educated and responsible approach to that kind of decision, which would not leave another

person hurt and with a feeling that he is doomed.

2. Any kind of modern psychological testing can decisively tell you if you are compatible or not

Modern psychology, as it is taught in universities, is based mostly on statistical approach and testing and not on thorough understanding of human nature. That’s why it can only give labels about quite a lot of human characteristics, but can never decide what the person really thinks, would do or would like now or in the future.

3. People never change

Do you remember any important decision you made in life, which caused you to act upon?

Ask yourself: would you act that way before you knew the facts or data that brought you to that decision? I believe you wouldn’t? Why would you?

So, giving a good person some very important and profound data about life and behavior CAN change his attitude toward things and people. The only question remains – where would you find such knowledge and whether you would do your best to look for it in the case of a need.

4. You should live in a bliss and ignore this subject altogether

That approach to life tends to cause people the most trouble. Things get worse if left unattended. If you have an illness and just ignore it – I really doubt it would get better all by itself, and I’m not talking about things body can easily take care of alone.

The earlier you take care of a problem as it arises, the easier it can be handled and it can always be handled in some way.

5. There is nothing that can be done about it

That is not true! Relationship compatibility issue can be tested, understood, IMPROVED and even enjoyed on the way.

Couples, who are brave enough to tackle compatibility issues as early as possible, enjoy such a deeper understanding and loving relationship that it is astonishing.

As in any good relationship, the key to success is open communication, and there is no better way to open your communication, than talking about important things, that are the core of your compatibility: things you know or experienced, things you like or dislike, thinks you want to talk about or listen to and things you’d rather no meet in your life.

I very much wish you success in your relationship and truly believe that both of you deserve it.

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