The Mystery Behind Masculine Men And Ovulating Girls

By Francis K Githinji

It is during ovulation that a woman is most likely to conceive when she engages in sex. At this time her subconscious behavior is to attract any potential mate. Her fertility days are full of expectations of mating though she might not know it.

Masculine men and ovulating girls always find themselves together. A strong masculine man can be trusted to bring forth powerful offspring’s. This explains the preference of masculine men for short-lived flings but not for long-lasting mates.

Findings show that the value attached to masculinity varies with context and also depending on the reproductive cycle of a woman. Masculinity is also opted for depending on her immediate goals and how attractive she rates herself. Some of these brain tricks play a major role in a woman’s sex drive.

A woman who is ovulating behaves in a manner to suggest that quick sex is important, something she has no control over. Research shows that women love masculine men at this time of the reproductive cycle. It shows that facial masculinity is a great contribution. Properly defined brow ridges together with square jaws are viewed as good characteristics of a potential fling conquest. Feminine traits in a man’s face are considered best for long-term relationships.

It is during ovulation that some men have confessed that women smell better to them. A woman who considers herself attractive always go for the manly type of guys.

The two groups of masculine men and ovulating girls find themselves attractive and so they do not hesitate to hit it off.

The choice of the huge guys by women who are at the pick of their reproductive cycles is associated to evolutionary biology. Hormone testosterone is believed to be behind all this reason being that its circulating levels in a masculine body are higher. This is the hormone that is responsible for the “ever-ready” sex status in men. It dictates the level of sex drive in a man. Masculine men and ovulating girls have high levels of sex hormones in their body. During ovulation a woman calls out for a man who has the same urgency to make love. Guys with hard bodies and well shaped, sculpted jaws are better candidates to produce even better babies. Their genes are marketable therefore it makes a lot of sense for fertile women to find them attractive.

Masculinity is not always the cool thing to a woman. Why would a woman opt for a less masculine man? It is true that manly guys are attractive to ovulating women but their less masculine counter parts are always the choice for women when they are not fertile. They are also preferred as long-life spouses. This might be because high levels of testosterone barely encourage men to stay around in their homes. Research reveals that less masculine guys invest more in their relationships making them definitely more appealing to women who are at their least fertility points. When a woman is pregnant she needs a great deal of relationship investment from a male. Masculine men and ovulating girls act under hormonal influence. The manly guys mate and then leave without a second glance while a less masculine man will give the woman the much needed emotional support. If you are a woman who is ovulating, think twice before you act. A masculine man is not every body’s cup of tea.

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