Strip That Fat Review – My Personal Experience with ‘Strip that Fat’ Diet


Ok, so it would seem that every other site calling itself a ‘review’ of the Strip That Fat diet is actually a stupid sales page and there aren’t any real reviews out there, so I’m going to do a proper one because I’VE ACTUALLY USED IT! Alright, first of all:

1) It DOES work, it’s a very effective and time-efficient weight loss program.

2) It will NOT turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight!

This is what I personally achieved after about 3 months on the program:

If you’ve ever done a low-carb or low-fat diet you know that although they may work for a short period of time, after a few weeks your body adapts to the change in diet and the weight loss comes to a screeching halt, doesn’t it?

Not only that, but they’re very unpleasant to be on and therefore impossible to stay on over the long term, and as soon as you go off them the weight just comes right back.

Ok, first of all your body thinks you’re starving because you’re probably not eating enough fat (this is very true, and other works have corroborated this idea: check out Dr. Will Clower’s book ‘The Fat Fallacy’; it’s on Amazon), and this is one of the staples of the French diet which is credited for why they can stay so thin considering what they eat…

They’re not consuming a lot of calories, but what they do consume is high-quality AND, very important, there’s enough fat in their diet so that their metabolism doesn’t think they’re starving and continues to burn fat because they’re still consuming fewer calories than they’re taking in.

This is one of the premises of ‘Strip That Fat’, and it is, in fact, correct.

What I really liked about the program was the ‘STF Diet Generator’ that came with it which will automatically create all your meals for you based on the prescribed diet program, so no more measuring or trying to come up with a meal plan.

Also, I liked the fact that the program is set up to produce long-term results and is specifically designed as such–they start out with a 7 day program to get some immediate results (4-6 pounds gone in 7 days), and it goes all the way out to a 1-year plan where you will have lost over 50 pounds (if you need to lose that much).

And lastly the whole program is centered around actually KEEPING the weight off (which you do–it’s been 6 months and I’m still doing great), which is where so man other diets fail, especially crash diets. So, you get immediate results, steady long-term weight loss, and you keep it off–this sounds great to me, but you be the judge and check it out for yourself:

Strip That Fat Official Website


  1. Congrats on your STF success!

    I went on FatLoss4Idiots before (they have a diet generator too). I had to stop because I had rashes form eating nuts (macadamia, etc). And it was pretty dreadful from eating nuts, ham, cheese and did I mention ham and nuts? LOL.

    So i was wondering, what does the STF diet generator offer? Or is it the same thing again (ie/ FatLoss4Idiots)?

  2. Thank you!! Your review is the first honest one that I’ve found all the others were ads. Congrats on your success and I am going to order it today.


  3. hey is this a scam i really need to no because i dont want to get caught in a scam like acai burn which is a scam to get your credit card # i really need to know if any1 knows e-mail me @ please i need to know

  4. No, it really does work, and honestly I would buy it more for the software than anything else, it’s just awesome, way better than ediet or anything like that…

  5. Hiya Good report… and your before and after pics don;t look fake at all! I just wanted to know if there was a maximum amount of weight that could be lost on this program in one year. Could I lose 65 pounds on this diet? I exercise but my arthritis makes it hard to do too much. I hope this is the answer to my prayers. I’m 28 and put on about 60 pound in 2 years when I developed arthritis. I need to lose the weight!

  6. You can lose as much weight as you want to, sure, it’s just dependent on how long you’re willing to stay on it–most researchers and personal trainers at this point all agree that the maximum amount of at a person can lose, before you start burning muscle, is about 2 pounds per week (roughly–it will vary slightly from person to person, of course), when you go much beyond that you may be seeing results on the scale but any weight beyond about 2 pounds in a week is going to be muscle that your body has burned up which is NOT good–muscle burns much more calories than fat, and by lowering your muscle mass you’re decreasing your metabolic rate thereby making it more difficult to get rid of the fat, so you definitely want to keep as much muscle as possible.

    This applies to women as much as men–women often aren’t as concerned about getting and retaining muscle mas as men but they should be due to the fact that increased muscle mass makes them look more toned and sexy AND it increases their metabolic rate thereby burning more fat. Also, to dispel a common misconception: women are NOT capable of putting on enough muscle mass such that they’re going to “look like a guy” or “one of those pro female bodybuilders”–the women who look like that HAD to take steroids to get that way, women simply don’t have the hormones capable of putting on large quantities of muscle mass such that they’re going to look “bulky”, no matter how much they work out and eat–you girls just don’t have the testosterone that’s required to do that. If you’re a girl, you STILL want to put on muscle mass for the reasons I previously mentioned and therefore you should STILL be just as concerned about losing muscle mass when you’re trying to lose weight–fat loss is good, muscle loss is bad, even if you’re just a chick trying to “get skinny”.

  7. great review
    nice to hear something honest…it’s so hard not to get scammed these days

    I appreciate your taking the time to post your results
    you look great!!!

    take care
    I am going to try it:)

  8. Okay, like the first post about FL4I, I too tried it. It did work and I was happy with it, but am sooo tired of the choices and eating the same thing. Can you give some examples where the STF diet generator differs in choices and also provide examples of what you can choose from?

  9. I’m like Lindsay, could you provide some examples? This is the first down to earth article I’ve found. It’s hard enough for me to part with money. I need to know what I’m getting into and try to understand it. Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it.

  10. Hi! 😀 This looks really interesting and it might be the the weight loss program for me. I was wondering how much does it cost to buy the STF diet generator and were can you buy it? Thank you! 🙂

  11. Hi Julia, if you’ll just click the link at the bottom of this article where it says “Strip that fat official website”, that’s where you can buy it (and it tells you how much it is beforehand, obviously).


  12. Ashley, the food is what you would normally buy, it’s just eliminating the junk and very carefully keeping track of your carb/protein/fat ratios and calorie consumption.

  13. I wrote to the STF website with some specific questions and have not heard back from anyone yet. Makes me kind of skeptical.

  14. I like your article. Just wondering what the picture of the hot girl is for…. do you think I could look like her with this diet? :mrgreen:

  15. Yes, stacie, I think you could! (actually, I suspect that photo will work better as a motivator for the GUYS to get in shape than it will for the girls :mrgreen: ).


  16. Ok I’m 17 and in 5 months ill be 18 and I weigh 247 lbs. I’m 5’8…so I went to the doctor and I knew I was obese but now I know that I’m at risk for type two diabetes and hypertension and etc.. Omg the list goes on and on. The doctor says my goal weight is 132. Well I NEED HELP!!! Andrew will this really work? I would like to be 50 lbs lighter and healthier by my birthday and down to at least 150 for prom this upcoming may. Omg please help cause I really don’t wanna look like a fat mess this year at senior prom. I looked like a big blue embarrassing mess last year at junior prom! Plz lol! I’m doing this for my health and my appearance.

  17. Look at most of the comments here, like what Ed said above–it’s a lot like any other GOOD diet in that it’s a good technique but you HAVE to stick with it. Yes, it works, IF you’re dedicated and motivated 🙂

  18. WOW! u look absolutely great!
    Andrew, how much weight did u actually lose within the three months u did this diet?
    I also noticed that there was a seven day starter. can u redo the seven day plan until u have reached ur goal weight?

  19. Thanks!! 😀 Around 35 pounds, Marsha. You could, but keep in mind that the starter is designed to get you kick-started, if you stay on that then your body’s metabolism will probably adapt to it and the weight loss will slow down.

  20. Here is an example of a daily meal plan:
    Meal 1 Omlette w/ toast
    Meal 2 Home made fruit salad
    Meal 3 Grilled chicken w/ green beans
    Meal 4 Hard boiled eggs
    Meal 5 Chicken, walnut & mango salad.
    You can select the food you like and then the system generates daily plans for you. There is a good variety of foods to choose from

  21. andrew,

    another question. i wanted my son to try this with me. he is 11 and will be in the sixth grade this year-if i’m correct “anyone” can use this program. correct?

    my question is. if the plan requires you to eat roughly 2 to 2.5 hours apart, how can he incorporate this plan when he is in school. i mean will he still lose weight if he can’t eat that often and still follows the plan when he’s at home?

    ok. one more question. the meal plan Ruth just gave. for example for meal 1 the omlette w/toast. can u add anything to the omlette-like mushrooms, onions-veggies or cheese or something anything? or is it just eggs?

  22. It should still work fairly well as long as he sticks to the caloric requirements of the diet.

    Mushrooms and other vegetables should be fine, but something with lots of calories like cheese might be a problem.

  23. You’re reveiw sounds pretty awsome and you seem to know alot about weight loss, so at first ti though you must just be like paid to write this good reveiw. But i’l give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Im 16, weigh 165 pounds (75 kg’s) and i want to get down to 60 atleast,

    but my parents are really hard on me to get good grades so i spend alot of time studying, and dont have much time left to exercise

    can u give me an example of the exercise requirements before i get it?

  24. You don’t HAVE to exercise–there’s an old saying amongst fitness nuts and bodybuilders, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.”

    The thing of primary importance is to cut your caloric intake to the recommended guidelines and eat LOTS of vegetables and some fruit–any carbohydrates should be complex only, no white flour, sugar, etc. If you can exercise for even 20 minutes a day, as long as it’s quality exercise, that will be PLENTY.

    Good luck, Rose.


  25. That was after only 3 months??? Wow. I just ordered P90X and wanted it for the fitness program. I am wondering now if the STF program combined with that would be off the charts good for you…thoughts?

  26. hey,
    i weigh 167 and am 5ft 8 inches,well close to 9 but anyhow, i got pregnant and ended up with preeclampsia which made me swell horribly and then i developed a hypothyroidism from turning eclamptic at 32 weeks, had to have my baby early at 3lbs 1 oz, i have gained 30 pounds and i need it off, but am low on money for a diet right now , do you have any suggestions, because i really really need this chance to lose the weight ..

  27. Stephanie, the best thing you can do is to keep track of your calories, document them religiously, and make sure you’re burning more than you’re taking in. If you’ll search google you’ll find plenty of sites that will help you calculate how many calories you’re burning per day.

  28. Randy-
    I haven’t tried this program, am considering it, but I am quite sure that you won’t be able to mix this with P90X. I did about a month of P90X and got so tired of all the protein. It is a VERY high protein meal plan, without it, you won’t be able to build the muscle mass they are promoting. I liked P90X, would like to start it up again, the fitness was amazing, but I would need to modify the meal plan a bit. I couldn’t eat chicken for a month after I was done!

    Good luck!


  29. Hi,
    Can I buy this product in any other store? Like a fitness store, book store, or anywhere more trustworthy than the internet?

  30. Hey Andrew
    I asked my dad to order STF but hes afraid it might be a scam. Normally companies dont ask for the credit card number first when we order online. And now hes telling me to look for some other diet programs. I really want to lose weight through STF.

    So is STF really gonna work? Is it a scam? Is it safe to order STF overseas??

  31. It’s not a scam, and whether it works or not is completely dependent on how much self-discipline you have to follow the program. Sure, you should be able to order it overseas. Also, keep in mind the fact that there’s a 60 day no-questions-asked refund policy through the people who sell it (Clickbank): that means you can get a full refund for ANY reason whatsoever up to 60 days after you purchase it.

    So I would get it, download it (it’s entirely digital, that way you get it immediately instead of waiting for a book to arrive in the mail), and if you don’t like it just get a refund.


  32. Hi, I leave overseas and am 60.
    I weigh 195 lbs and have been trying all diets possible. The thing is that my fat has my age and is hard to get rid of. I have in mind the fact that if I don’t do a crash diet to start with I will not be able to move things. I am not diabetic but I produce more insulin than my body can absorb so ti have some diet work I have to be in ketose to loose weight.
    What do I have to do?

  33. You don’t need to do a crash diet, you just need something well-structured that you can follow and stick to for as long as is necessary.

  34. i am 14 years old 5 ft 4 and weight 170 my doctor says i need to lost 50lbs, i am in school so it strip that fat easy to follow while im in school?

  35. Hi there – you mention caloric intake. Is this a calorie counting diet? Or do you choose the meals you want and only eat until you are satisfied?

  36. Jaylo, it’s based not JUST on how many calories you eat, but WHAT you eat also, and the software helps you keep track of all this stuff and helps you put together meals that meet your requirements (as far as how many calories, how many grams of fat/protein/carbs, etc.) which is what makes it special in that you don’t really have to do any complicated calculations or record-keeping, the program does it for you.

    I recommend you just download it and try it for yourself, if you don’t like it just get a refund (you can get a refund for ANY reason whatsoever, no questions asked, up to 60 days after purchase).

  37. Congrats on the weight loss. You look great in that photo. I agree with you about the STF diet generator. I found it really helped.

  38. I ordered stripthatfat today but when I got to the end of ordering online, after giving them my credit card info, I hit confirm, thinking it would then allow me to put in my address of where to ship my order. It didn’t. Is this a scam? How will they know where to send me the order?

  39. I’m really interested in buying this. I am pregnant and my baby is due in about a month. My only concern is that I’m breastfeeding so I’d have to make sure that it would be ok to do while breastfeeding… is there anyone that would know that info or where I could find it?