T-Shirt Cannon (plans for an air cannon that shoots t-shirts)

Yeah, ok, sure why not? I came across this right after putting up the bit on how to print a t-shirt, it’s the same guys doing this, and they do a good job of it. Now, if it were me I’d shoot something other than a

t-shirt out of it, like, ohh…say, a potato? I’ve seen plans for an air-powered pneumatic potato gun that’ll launch a spud out to over 600 meters (the regular ones that run on propane gas from hair spray will send one out to about 200 meters), so with a compressed air tank and a solenoid to handle the pressure, plus some alternate

projectiles (potatos, full soda cans, etc.) I think you could have a LOT of fun with this thing 😀

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you’re really into this sort of stuff and would like to learn how to make various potato guns and tennis ball mortars and such, check out a book called Backyard Ballistics, it’s got all that and more, very cool stuff.

The web’s original air cannon page: not how to build an air cannon

Some guy made a pneumatic golf ball cannon (lots of other cool stuff on that site, as well)–oh hell yes, you could have enormous fun with that (golf course? “FORE!!!”, yes? 😈 ).