The 6 Most Common Signs of Infertility


For couples facing the daunting trial of infertility, it can be hard to know where to turn or what to do.  There are a lot of infertility treatments out there, and some of these can even be an infertility cure for the right couple in the right circumstances.

Before attempting these rigorous rounds of infertility treatment, it would be wise to consider some of the signs of infertility in women and men before investing in such expensive procedures.  Sometimes what you think is infertility could really be attributed to something else.

Here are some of the common signs of infertility and some steps as to how to identify if you are facing infertility and how to choose the right infertility solutions for you.

  • No Results From Unprotected Sex After a Year: If you have been having unprotected sex for longer than a year without any signs of gestation, then you could very well be facing infertility, and will want to start looking into infertility treatment options.
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles: Irregularity in menstrual cycles is one of the biggest sings of infertility in women.  If your womanly cycle is not normal, then this might very well lead to infertility problems.
  • Extreme Menstrual Symptoms: Most women have 4 day menstrual cycles, with 1 or 2 days of heavy bleeding, and some minor cramps for about half the cycle.  If your menstrual symptoms are different than this in an extreme way- i.e.: heavy bleeding for more than 2 days, more than a week long, severe cramping the entire cycle, etc., then there is a change you are dealing with infertility.
  • Age: If you have waited for any reason to start trying to conceive, then you have a higher chance of infertility problems cropping up.  If you or your partner are 35 years of age or older, then it might be time to see your doctor to discuss some infertility solutions.
  • Ejaculatory Problems: Men also contribute to the common reasons for infertility.  If the male partner in the relationship has problems becoming aroused or ejaculating at the proper time, then this could be a major sign of infertility.  However, this is an infertility problem that often comes with a ready infertility cure.
  • Chronic Illness or Weakness: If you have been sick for an extended period of time, or have had an injury that has significantly injured you in some way, this could be a reason for infertility.  It is harder for unhealthy bodies to conceive children.  Such weakness can include obesity or individuals who are under weight.

If any of these items apply to you or your partner, then they could be signs of infertility.  There are some great doctors out there trained in this field of medicine, so do not lose hope, as there are some great infertility treatment options available.

If none of these are ringing a bell with you, then you are not yet ready to be labeled as infertile.  Keep trying, and hopefully you will never have to search out infertility solutions.

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